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There is little chance that the Romney-Ryan ticket can get more than 30% of Hispanic or 10% of black votes. Their only hope for a win is to convince white voters that they will become politically and physically threatened if Obama is elected. Nothing is as important as personal safety; the largest fear of white voters is home invasion and street crime. The issues of more taxes, cuts in Medicaid or Medicare are secondary.
He possibly was kicked out of medical school for voicing politically incorrect views. The mass killings was done to give him the platform to voice to his anger.
Gang bangers have changed the face of America, people are afraid to walk the streets at night and doors have double locks. But a new banger has entered the American scene, he is the Crowd banger. Let us pray that Holmes is the last of this new type of banger, if not we will all stay in the basement watching the world from the Internet.
Loners have received a bad name from people like Holmes who has murdered twelve and Brevik who has murdered sixty nine, but not every loner is a Jack the Ripper. Some quietly sit in their basement watching porno while smoking weed and masturbating. Not every person can be a groupie; loners deserve our respect as long as they do not murder their neighbors.
Loners make only a small contribution to the murder pool, Brevik murdered 69, Holmes 12. Governments do the most killings, Chairman Mao and Commissar Stalin murdered 50 million civilians. Five hundred thousand in Iraq were slaughtered. Loners kill the least, but no person deserves to have their life ended wrongfully.
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morris6 Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 7:58 AM
It is mind boggling to have learned that a well-bred medical student with a bright future flushed twelve lives down the drain. He was being trained to save lives not to end them. His actions were a slap in the face to the great American culture.
Freedom fighters must be tough or they will never get a slice of the goodies, dictators know how to kick a-ss. The best way to get the dictators wealth is to pose as a loyal friend, when they are off guard stab them in the back. But never let the dictator know you are after his goodies or you and your family will be robbed, raped, and plundered.
Freedom fighters from NATO are now battling for control of Syria. There is fear that Assad in desperation will use the Russian supplied nerve agent VX to destroy his opposition, in return NATO will distribute the nerve agent VX among their freedom fighters. VX cannot be filtered by face masks, when used by opposing armies 90% of the combatants will be dead in 24 hours.
Women care very little about a man’s political views, they want their guy to be generous with a buck. Recent polls show that Obama is the ladies choice with 70 % of likely voters, most would gladly change places with Michelle. Mitt Romney has won the admiration of millions of Cancer survivors; he has not divorced his wife Ann despite her health problems. But Romney cannot move into the White House unless he pulls more ladies away from Obama; the only way that is possible is to guarantee every woman voter a Platinum American Express Card. The National debt will then be increased but Romney will then become our next president.
Supporters of Zimm will vote for Romney, Obama will get the rest. It will be a close presidential contest.
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