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Democracy and Ferguson

Morrill Turpitude Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 11:06 AM
I have to agree with the majority, this was a stupid article. I am not against anyone voting by reason of ethnicity. I don't care what your ethnic heritage is, you may vote and I will work with you to gain redress if you are denied the right to vote by reason of ethnicity. I don't want stupid people voting. Those estimated 220,000 voters who the MO Secretary of State estimates don't have ID? That is on them, not us. Good that they aren't casting votes. Those idiots in Ferguson destroying their own town? Are you kidding? You want stupid people like that at the ballot box? Just because someone can do something does not mean they should do it.
Let's put the proper name to Mexico's strategy: Irredentism. I am tired of successive US administrations soft-pedaling Mexico's actions. Mexico is exporting its disaffected welfare population to us. Eventually an irredentist Mexico will make territorial claims on border states because of the large Mexican population there, and there may be enough population in those states loyal to Mexico to force a showdown. What Mexico cannot do through military action can be achieved long term through demographics.
This is a Hall of Fame column.
People on welfare should lose the right to vote as long as they are on the dole. If people are on the dole they are wards of the state, unable to take care of themselves as a citizen should be.
Sybil trolling again. Is this sporge name 2 or 3 for this weekend?
I see Sybil/Ray Ancel is getting an early start to his weekend copy & paste trolling.
I'm not so sure I buy the premise quite yet. Japan had a very militarized culture that was never truly subdued during and after the Meiji Restoration. Even though the samurai class had effectively been broken militarily at the end of the Satsuma Rebellion in 1877, the sons and grandsons of the samurai remained a potent political force, and were the backbone of Japan's post-WWI militarization. I don't think China has a similar military class that is romanticized to entice future generations. Japan was also an imperial power before WWI and had significant outlying interests. The ChiComs have none. They lay claim to outlying islands, but a Chinese attempt to leave the mainland would be met by significant regional forces at minimum. The Japanese did not face technologically equal or superior Asian militaries in or during WWII. I am also not convinced there's more go than show to the numbers in China's armed forces.
Why would so many scientists have relied on models that turned out to be so wrong? Simple: 1) Those models could be used to support the anthropogenic climate change propaganda that those "scientists" agreed with politically while not giving a fig about actual data and 2) There was and is a lot more opportunity for advancement, government money and other grants for supporting the human-caused climate change politics than doing actual science.
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