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Gold Up On Euro Rebound

morphine Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 8:30 PM
I asked a Republican this question. "Any clue why 'Medicare Prescription' was passed when George W. Bush(R) was president, Denny Hastert(R) was Speaker of the House and Bill Frist(R) was Senate Majority Leader?" He told me, "Ted Kennedy wrote the bill!" Now let me ask everyone out there; just how many bills did Republicans write, When Obama, Pelosi and Reid held the levers of power in DC?" When they blame a Democrat, again, is this taking responsibility?

It’s interesting how sometimes gold acts just like any other commodity, subject to the ups and downs of the currency markets.  Commodities were up across the board as the euro bounced back against the dollar. 

Gold traded higher early Thursday, up $9.38 to $1,770.48 and silver was up $0.30 to $34.21, with the silver/gold ratio sliding to 51.7.  Silver and gold were joined higher by crude oil, platinum, palladium and copper. 

Unless gold really takes off tomorrow we’re going to miss my $1,800 target and if trading stays at these...

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