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And don't forget forget the leftist cognitive dissonance against getting Canadian Oil should be kicked out of the picture. Leftists make no sense when they say we should get off Middle Eastern oil, but oppose just about any attempt to get some via pipelines from neighboring countries like Canada. I am confident that oil will eventually phase out as a vehicle fuel, but some arrogant, annoying boneheads seem to want us to be absolutely stuck on overseas oil.
Yeah, I agree. It is sad that perhaps the most unity our country ever seemed to have happened in the first month or so following 9/11/01. After that, everyone made obvious sport over the issue of terrorism, from the whole saying Bush is a war criminal to justifying the double standard that mass murder by killer drones, fire, and shrapnel is okay, then claiming hurtful words were a worse offense from America than actually executing hundreds of Middle Eastern civilians with missiles? Somehow it sounds like dumb met dumber.
Well, the GOP cares about the morality of those within their party, the other side, well, not so much.
Even more despicable is the drunk excuse, since when does a guy drive a car off a bridge into freezing water, go into a party for some more fun, all in the same night. It is doubtful to me that Kennedy was really as "drunk" as he says he was.
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Three Good Polls for Romney

Morpheus Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 3:25 PM
95 percent by the upper 50 percent, to be more exact, but yeah, ever since the 1980s, the lower brackets have paid an exceedingly smaller share.
Yeah, like good old Darth Vader saying, "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy". Well racism is on the point of being devalued to a hollow threat, which is pretty pathetic, given that now, "Agree with me if you don't want to be called racist", or run the deficit higher than Bush on a bad year, or you're racist". But rather than list your false, and hollow threats, allow me to give you my own statement: A person who can't think of more than "racism" in their personal attacks is an idiot. The card's expired, in case you didn't know.
I decided to play bingo on the Democratic Conmvention, and I won too by scoring four expected keywords in a row, how about that!
Simple as this: Warren is a fake, who dropped the identity of Native American to win pity votes, shame how even the identity claim may not even help her out.
I think the big problem is this: Obama does something that sets a bad example for plenty of people. Especially lack of fiscal discipline. Romney on the other hand, is one of those people that really does better than the previous generation. His father was Governor and an auto union leader, he's an MBA and the co-founder of Bain, which ranked in the top 10 for American private equity firms. Wealth, education, you name it, he did it all better than his father did. If he gets elected president, well that adds another accomplishment.
Reid needs to retire, he's a little too senile to be Senate Majority Leader. Am I the only one who thinks the guy needs to get a life outside of the Senate for a change?
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