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those who are so critical of collective bargaining should look to the past before laborers united to form unions. the information you need is available. look at the early 1900s. remember, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. as for the political aspects of the unions, just who do you think finances the other guys? hmmm, do you think it could be the multi billion dollar corporations and some of the wealthiest individuals in the Country? the unions probably have access to about 10% of what the other side gets from corporations. most people seem to have no problem accepting the fact of super pacs collecting billions of dollars for politicians, but can't stand unions contributing a very small amount of that.
another great article. Ann, you must know that people need to start doing their own thinking and not what the media tells them to think. they need to ask questions and sort out the truth from fiction. how hard is it to asks yourself why Obumma has two different names, who were the people he associated with during his formative years, how did he get into three very expensive colleges with no obvious money, who is his actual father and a dozen other questions. the reason they don't is because they are lazy and apathetic and deserve what they get.
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Strangulation by Union

morgandog Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 11:39 AM
To Paulus Textor. You need to read up on labor law before making ignorant statements about organizing and unions. I think you will find Mr. Stossel has a labor contract with his employer which has many clauses that protects him and his family, and provides him with an excellent standard of living with a very generous salary and benefits package far superior to yours. I would be very interested to see it. But we won't. Check out Barbara Walters contract. Her Agent is a genius.
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