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Simply outstanding. Destined to be a classic. Thank you, John.
Hairy "land deal" gReed, the queen of the "Ritz", is a shameless human waste product, but this POS has the discipline to stay on defecrap talking points. The libturd leadership always seems to get a pass with the media.
Republican wimps have had significant political material on defecrats (behavioral/hypocritical, policy, and racial) for years, but they seem to never use it. If the republi-wimps continue to aspire to lose elections, they should ensure that the defecrat they lost to is damaged goods.
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Hillary's Empathy Problem

MoreKowBell Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 4:50 PM
HildaBeast: The Battle Axe. A pumpkin headed, buck toothed, whining, man-pants-wearing, totally unaccomplished, shrewish, "stand by your man" parasitic libturd. Brings a tear to one's eye contemplating how she/it got by all these years being so poor.
Doctorbumbass - how about we post photos of some of the babies you libturds killed today?
"Most researchers"?!?! And "most Townhall readers" think you're a putz. I'm sure that will be confirmed upon peer review. So tell me, as an anti-Creationist, where's the missing link?
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

MoreKowBell Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 1:34 PM
"Egotistic" and "me, me, me" describes the typical libturd pseudo victims demanding yet more "free" government handouts. In fact, This description fits the libturds to a "TEA".
Skip the 3rd? Y'all don't like government horses in your living rooms?
Is this the same Norway that collaborated with the Nazi's?
It's isolated thusly: 48% of this nation don't pay any income taxes. The vast majority are defecrats. That's definitely isolated.
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