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Would there be a significant rise in ocean levels if ice bergs started melting?
Why in the world does anybody care what that wretched leftist bimbo has to say? I know it's easier said than done, but "just ignore the bitchh".
Abortion "Barbie"? More like abortion gold-digging, peroxide, shameless, stupid, hussie.
Holy matrimony has now become state sanctioned unholy matrimony. Unholy libturds have perverted the basic building block of a moral society and continue to dictate their socialist and immorally inspired demise of our once great nation. Their attack on Christianity is unessessary as "civil unions" are available. This is a direct assault.
Duh, that's what baby killers do... And the NAZIs... And fascists... And the communists... And the immoral... And the Godless... And the libturds... And the democrats... And the self absorbed... And the irresponsible... And the ignorant... And the margaret sanger racists... And the group thinkers... Overall, a fairly nasty group.
"it"= but
So true Pow, it why? The republicans have so many issues and so much information to work with to slam the libturds, but they don't do it. Why are they so pusillanimous?
Biden is what happens when Bevis and Butthead seduce Elmer Fudd. It ain't pretty folks.
Oh, and she hurts my eyes, really bad. Could clift possibly be related to debbie-Downer sewerman-schultzstaffel? Obviously there's no life guard on duty at the libturd gene pool.
Libturds are so morally bankrupt that logic and fact seem to hold an ephemeral place in their world view. How can anybody treat them as valid or relevant?
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