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I read a news article that said you're a loser and a liar, nrml. Hey, facts are facts.
A lone opinion piece based on cherry picked data doesn't make owedowngrade a success. Your irrational characterization of the article is used to support a preposterous position. That's how I figured out you're a liar.
Facts?!? Now you're simply being a liar.
Hey buzzMORON - none of the negative stuff occurred until after the libturds hairy gReed and nazi piglousy took over the Senate and House.
Nrml - you failed on your Forbes ascertion, and on your nasty "butt plug" comment. To follow up, you next exhibit a thorough lack of knowledge regarding how our legislative branch operates. Quite astounding. Go back to kos @sswipe.
Lol!! Outstanding CptPam!
For the record nrml, I have just exposed that you're a tool by your last two posts. But I will give you kudos for attempting, albeit hypocritically, a semblance of courtesy towards Ransom. Although I suspect you're insincere.
And what does this add? 1)Remove butt plug (McConnell) 2) Stop running around in circles getting dizzy Get rid of Boehner. 3) Watch everything get better in a And you criticize Ransom?!?! Now pls tell me you understand why you have no credibility.
Here it goes: your statement about Forbes is incorrect. Forbes magazine did not set forth what you stated. The article you referenced was merely an article by a contributor comparing, mostly quantitatively, owedowngrade with Reagan, titled " Economically, Could obama be America's Best President".
Really? And your biggest libturd success is what, Detroit?!?!
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