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Skip the 3rd? Y'all don't like government horses in your living rooms?
Is this the same Norway that collaborated with the Nazi's?
It's isolated thusly: 48% of this nation don't pay any income taxes. The vast majority are defecrats. That's definitely isolated.
Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, N Korea...
You can't be serious? Socialism is responsible for how many human deaths in the 20th and 21st centuries? It's the second most destructive social force the world has ever known.
They're just greedy politicians until they run out of other peoples money... While in the process they ensure that they become wealthy, of course!
Spam25 - it's not hatred of government... It's hatred of your $17 trillion, downgraded, socialist seeking government that's hated. Have you heard any complaints regarding the size of the federal government that Washington presided over?
While you're doing nothing more than setting forth a vacuous opinion, try this: I have good reason to believe that you're a cross dressing welfare cheat. How's that for an unsupported opinion?
"Off the books"?!?!? Really?!? Such self serving drivel.
Yeah Mud, spam25 is a real tool.
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