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Seems that Meyers is an"@sshole-in-practice".
Little obama and his obsequious followers are deluded liars.
No kidding. That loser is in desperate need of a life.
Speaking of shills, you really are pathetic dude. You loser Defecates, er, defacrats, have failed at every initiative you've enacted, and all you can do is channel George Bush. How lame, how pathetic. Yeah, keep leading from behind.
And yet another symptom illustrating how our once great nation is being destroyed from within.
No moron, you libstains probably think it was George W's fault. Say, how's that obozocare working out for the nation? How many libstream media pukes is it going to take to put that turd back on the wall?
Baptist in name only??? If you don't comport with their beliefs and behaviors, u ain't no Baptist. Self delusion doesn't make you a member of any group, except self delusionals.
5 million people forcibly lose their health care coverage based directly on a partisan lie spewed exclusively by prog libturds, and this liberal idiot thinks that's "exciting"? What a total doosh-bag...
It's more relevant today than last year.
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