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If he emphasized his white half more than his black half, owedowngrade would probably still be frequenting Chicago bath houses seeking another "Amber stain" in his "shorts", one that he was so proud of he Actually wrote about it.
Good point Darby. But then maybe five in five are simply idiots.
Did you mean to reference not "black fathers", but "black male husbands who are committed to being outstanding parents"?
Just how foolish are the libturds? They've produced a culture that has practically bankrupted our nation (cloward piven state enforced economic model), and that supports race based lies when used to further their leftist outcome based narrative and all out attacks on Christianity (social destruction). The libturds program bears a remarkable resemblance to 1930's Neuremburg. We're pretty well screwed.
That goes without saying. Libturds thrive off of the social pathologies caused by their so-called progressive policies.
That division is of part of holder's and obama's playbook.
abc, just part of the lousy leftist media that gave us "white Hispanic". Typical.
LOL, and totally appropriate under the circumstances. The difference is, the losers on the left think they have licence to "protest" and act like criminals and terrorists at a private residence. Conversely, those on the right believe in the law and would seldom "protest" at a private residence. It will be very interesting when this paradigm changes.
So true, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. When I see how easily the left utilizes fabrications and lies to foment such racially motivated destruction, I wonder how far it will go and what kind of violent push back will result. This has the potential of not ending well.
Has obama stopped lying? Has owedowngrade stopped visiting Chicago bath houses?
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