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Hillary's Empathy Problem

MoreKowBell Wrote: 21 hours ago (4:50 PM)
HildaBeast: The Battle Axe. A pumpkin headed, buck toothed, whining, man-pants-wearing, totally unaccomplished, shrewish, "stand by your man" parasitic libturd. Brings a tear to one's eye contemplating how she/it got by all these years being so poor.
Doctorbumbass - how about we post photos of some of the babies you libturds killed today?
"Most researchers"?!?! And "most Townhall readers" think you're a putz. I'm sure that will be confirmed upon peer review. So tell me, as an anti-Creationist, where's the missing link?
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

MoreKowBell Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 1:34 PM
"Egotistic" and "me, me, me" describes the typical libturd pseudo victims demanding yet more "free" government handouts. In fact, This description fits the libturds to a "TEA".
Skip the 3rd? Y'all don't like government horses in your living rooms?
Is this the same Norway that collaborated with the Nazi's?
It's isolated thusly: 48% of this nation don't pay any income taxes. The vast majority are defecrats. That's definitely isolated.
Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, N Korea...
You can't be serious? Socialism is responsible for how many human deaths in the 20th and 21st centuries? It's the second most destructive social force the world has ever known.
They're just greedy politicians until they run out of other peoples money... While in the process they ensure that they become wealthy, of course!
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