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Unhappy Anniversary

MoreFreedom Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 6:22 PM
It used to be, that responsible people could insure against expensive medical conditions, with the contract specifying that people with pre-existing conditions could not get insurance for treating them. With Obamacare, those of us who've been paying our premiums to avoid the the situation of going bankrupt because of a medical condition, will find that since insurance must cover pre-existing conditions, prices will rise, and people will, instead of being responsible, just buy the insurance when they have a condition that's expensive to treat. So today those of us who've gotten some condition after we've been paying for insurance, will get screwed for our past responsibility. And those who weren't responsible, will not screw us.

Last week, politicians who helped craft the Affordable Care Act (ACA) celebrated in self-congratulatory style the third anniversary of that monstrosity which will soon extinguish health care as we've known it.

The president's promises about the ACA saving money and allowing you to keep your existing health plan are proving false, as many predicted.

The Department of Health and Human Services maintains the law will make health care more affordable and accessible. The Wall Street Journal, reminding readers of that claim, reported last week that health insurers are privately warning brokers: "premiums for many individuals and small businesses could increase sharply...