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To Win, Obama Sacrifices House, State Legislatures

MoreFreedom Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 12:11 PM
It's good to see an article from Barone that doesn't show his statist bias. Of course, his is a bias for statist Republicans over statist Democrats, and given the choice between a libertarian Republican and statist Democrat, I think he'd pick the Democrat.
Barack Obama attended more than 200 fundraisers for his presidential campaign, but he refrained from raising money for congressional Democrats.

That proved to be a wise move for him, as were his strategists' decisions to run heavy ad campaigns against Mitt Romney and to build an even more effective turnout machine in target states.

But it proved to be less than helpful to his party. Democrats did gain two Senate seats thanks to clueless Republican candidates and Republicans' failure to produce better turnout.

But Democrats got beaten badly in races for the U.S. House and state legislatures. That's clear when you compare the...