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The Dems Secret Plan to "Help" the Tea Party

MoreFreedom Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 4:03 PM
I disagree with you Matthew. While the RINOs would like to discredit real Tea party candidates, so do Democrats. Hughes admits that many RINOs are disguising themselves in Tea party clothing, only to turn their back on voters after winning the election. And she advocates the right approach - examine their record, not their rhetoric. If the Democrats want to spend money on real Tea Party candidates, I hope they spend all they have. If they spend it on saboteurs, the sabotur's record will give them away. Even if they beat a RINO and lose in the primary, we're better off: Democrats get the blame, the RNC learns that forcing a RINO on us will lead to defeat, and we'd get the same policies with a RINO as a Democrat.

The Democrats love to hate Rush Limbaugh, and yet they are now taking a page right out of his playbook. Republicans remember well in 2008 when Rush implored listeners to take part in what he dubbed “Operation Chaos.”  The plan was to encourage Republicans and independents to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries, in order to deny Barack Obama the nomination outright and create a chaotic, free-for-all at their convention.  In other words, a brilliant game of sabotage. 

Rush’s plan didn’t quite work, but the Democrats hope to improve on the concept with, let’s call it,...