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Spending Cuts and Tax Cuts Should Be an All-of-the-Above Option, Not an Either-Or Choice

MoreFreedom Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 2:22 PM
This isn't a chicken and egg question. There are two questions. There is the question of the scope of government (e.g., should we have government health care, government welfare, or my favorite: no redistribution of income). Then there is the question of how to pay for government, which will likely be via force as it has always been.

I’m in Slovenia where I just finished indoctrinating educating a bunch of students on the importance of Mitchell’s Golden Rule as a means of restraining the burden of government spending.

And I emphasized that the fiscal problem in Europe is the size of government, not the fact that nations are having a hard time borrowing money. As explained in this video, spending is the disease and deficits are one of the symptoms.

This is also an issue in the United States,...

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