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Our Deviant Society

MoreFreedom Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 11:03 AM
You confuse God with government, as do liberals who see government as God (or at least as their sugar daddy). Government is force used against individuals: both to pay for government, and to enact justice against criminals (something many religious folks think should be left to God). The Roman government (and probably others still today) used sadists to dish out punishment - how godly is that? But then, if we didn't punish criminals, there would be a lot more crime, so we have government to protect us from them (typically after the fact by punishing them). Government exists to protect our lives, property and liberty. Not to put God in our lives. If you want that, go to Saudia Arabia.
Here's one usage of the term gentleman: The gentleman helped the fallen lady to her feet. Here's another, one we might hear from a newscaster or a police spokesman: Tonight we report on the arrest of two gentlemen who raped, sodomized and murdered an 80-year-old woman.

During earlier times, to be called a gentleman meant one was honest, brave, courteous and loyal. Today "gentleman" is used interchangeably in reference to decent people and the scum of the earth.

Much of today's language usage demonstrates a desire to be nonjudgmental. People used to shack up; now they cohabit or are living partners. Few young...