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Notwithstanding the “Grand Bargain” Siren Song, there’s No Practical Argument for Tax Hikes

MoreFreedom Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 12:45 PM
Where do you get the idea that CEOs like the corporate tax? And you say the corporate tax doesn't produce (you incorrectly write "collect") any revenue? The corporate tax brought in 181 billion in 2011. Hopefully your suggestion is to eliminate the tax, and when the profits flow to the stockholders or employees, they they pay personal income tax on it. That would be eliminating the double taxation on corporations (first taxing the corporate profits, then taxing the capital gains and dividends).

Many people think that my opposition to tax increases is ideological, but they’re wrong.

If someone told me that I magically had the power to flick a switch and give the country a flat tax, but that simple and fair tax system would only be possible if the rate was set high enough to give the government an extra $100 billion of revenue each year, I would take the deal in a heartbeat.

If I was given the opportunity to abolish the Departments of Energy, Education, Transportation, Agriculture, and Housing and Urban Development, but I had to give the...

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