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Mayor Bloomberg Hates Bloggers

MoreFreedom Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 9:08 AM
"Bloomberg said that money in politics was corrupting the system." Carter is right, that it's crony capitalism that reflects the corruption. It's not money corrupting politics, it's corrupt politicians corrupting commerce by putting government's hands into commerce's pocket and selling political favors at our expense. But I disagree with Carter that campaign donations should be public. That leads to politicians using government to exact revenge on contributors to their opponents.

This morning I was at a Chicago Economic Club breakfast. The two panelists were Mayor Bloomberg from NYC, and Obama’s former chief of staff, Bill Daley. It was moderated by Andrea Mitchell. That’s about as middle of the road as we get in Chicago!

The panel was supposed to be about immigration. Some excellent points were made. Personally, I favor a very liberal immigration policy in the United States. We need high quality immigrants. They fill jobs, create businesses and add to the vibrancy of the US. What we don’t need are poor quality illegal...