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Government Intervention Screws Up Markets

MoreFreedom Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 11:42 AM
We should have a law prohibiting government from interfering in capitalist acts among consenting adults. Wait, we actually do, in that Article I Section 8 of the Constitution lists no power by which the government can do this. What's happened is presidents have packed the SCOTUS with political hacks who reward their appointees with the power to oppress our freedom, and we've lost much of our economic freedoms as a result. Now we have to resort to the ballot box to return our freedoms if possible, or we might end up using the cartridge box to do so when the government and dollar collapse.

Did you notice the hog market ($HE_F) over the past couple of weeks? When Obama went to Iowa to campaign, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced a huge pork buy from the federal government. October Lean Hogs were trading around 78.50 prior to the announcement. Post, they rallied up to 81.00.

Today they are trading around 73.00. That big announcement was only one to one and a half days of slaughter. Meaningless pablum to a market in trouble.

The drought has caused livestock producers to send a lot of meat to market, lowering the price. The other...

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