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GOP is Erratic in its Confirmation Strategy

MoreFreedom Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 3:52 PM
That West is "perplexed" that the GOP would try to stop an Republican nominated by Obama, shows her lack of intelligence. The GOP establishment is the war party, because they get lots of campaign cash from the military industrial complex (but not all of them, Hagel being one of the few). CATO, a libertarian organization, mostly associated with fiscal conservatives, endorsed Hagel as someone who supports reducing our meddling in foreign countries. The GOP war party can't have that. It would result in less campaign cash, and less war. West doesn't know who our soldiers support. They supported Ron Paul and his foreign policy more than all the other candidates combined (and they supported him via individual campaign contributions).

One last question about newly confirmed Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.


Why for nearly two months (a Washington eternity) did this nominee above all others galvanize GOP Senate opposition?

I ask the question in genuine wonderment. After all, there was John Kerry with that giant bull's-eye on his record for giving outrageous aid and comfort to America's enemies by, among other things, entering into negotiations with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in 1971. How does a U.S. citizen tapped to lead the State Department not have to answer to U.S. senators for such treasonous behavior while a young but...