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GOP Could Use the Whiskey the Tea Party Drinks

MoreFreedom Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 10:06 AM
"Too, we mustn’t always be so ready to excoriate our foes- foes inside our own party who are often arrogant, unreliable and closed minded, these people we call RINOs. We will later need these valuable allies to get elected and run the party." Are those who want to spend more, search and fight monsters overseas, and maintain crony crapitalism really allies? Most of them claim to be fiscal conservatives even when casting votes raising spending. Perhaps some are redeemable. But IMHO, most are statist Democrats masquerading as fiscal conservatives, and do harm to the Republican brand. They should be excoriated for lying and for their statism.

While many of our heroes have lost their gloss, Abraham Lincoln still shines brightly for many Americans because there is so much to learn from his life.

For example, in 1858 Abraham Lincoln was defeated in his race for the United States Senate by Stephen Douglas, making it Lincoln’s third electoral defeat in a row. As Lincoln emerged from the telegraph office into the rain-soaked street in Springfield, Illinois he lost his balance when his foot slipped on the slick boardwalk. Catching himself before he tumbled into the mud Lincoln muttered to under his breath, “A slip, but not a fall.”...