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'Radical' Republicans: Unfortunately, No Basis for Obama's Claims About the GOP's Extremism

MoreFreedom Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 9:55 AM
Obama also claims Ryan's budget is extreme. And Democrats are wailing about cuts to the budget. If only. The Tea Party would like to see real cuts to the budget, but they have a minority even within the Republican ranks, given most of them are named Paul. After all, if the Republicans really wanted to cut government, they could have forced Obama to balance the budget this year by not raising the debt ceiling.


Last week, President Obama warned that if the Supreme Court stops Congress from forcing Americans to buy government-approved health insurance, it will be imposing restrictions on federal power of a sort not seen since the early 1930s, the late 1920s, 1905 or 1789. You can take your pick, since the president or his press secretary made all four of those assertions in the space of three days.

But why get hung up on dates? The main point is that Republicans, who want the court to overturn the health insurance mandate, are trying to undo the New Deal....