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McCain sure is loose with the term "terrorism" since this appears to be an act whereby one side in a civil war, believed it shot down a military plane from the other side. This while he says he knows that fanatical Muslim rebels in Syria would fight for freedom there. I don't see McCain's reasons for calling someone a terrorist, other than being on the side in a war he wants to fight against.
Another example of blatent lies from a politician who said one thing to get elected, then votes another way. He doesn't deserve any votes or a job working for government.
If inflation only averaged 1.6% from 2009 to 2013, why was gas costing around $2.75/gallon (from 2005 to 2010) but since then has been around $3.50/galllon? (see the 11 year chart at An increase like that in 4 years is an inflation rate of 8% per year, not 1.6%.
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In The Government’s Crosshairs

MoreFreedom Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 4:17 PM
I'd like to ban government regulation of commerce. That is dangerous, because it inhibits innovation (including safety innovations) and raises prices (taking money away from safety devices we might purchase, or for medical care we need). In fact, all the Federal Government could do in the past regarding commerce within the US, is to ensure that States didn't impose trade barriers. That changed 100 years ago. And politicians have been addicted to "regulating" commerce since then, because it fattens their campaign and personal wallets.
It also seems like Towery is saying that the establishment GOP has determined to run on Tea Party principles, and to back a "Tea Party" candidate. But given their record, they'll vote for more government after they get elected, and the "Tea Party" candidate is really a GOP establishment type pretending to be a Tea Party candidate. After all, that was the result of many Tea Party Republicans who were elected in 2010, but haven't voted like Tea Party candidates.
It will be interesting to see how the IRS responds, and what the details are regarding what happened to Lerner's hard drive (and the others who were involved and also apparently coincidently lost their hard drives). And why backups were not kept. If things are happening for the reasons I think they are, numerous people in the IRS and White House are going to jail. And the Democrats might even impeach Obama to be rid of him.
"All we heard back then was how the lack of government spending was killing the economy. " That's what you'll always hear from statists who want to spend your money, which they will first take from you to do it. Government spending doesn't help the economy, because nothing is produced from the spending, things are just consumed and as a result the value of all that money disappears. Of course, those who got to spend the money and got to consume wealth, are temporarily better off. But then the bills come due. Government spending destimulates the economy.
Libertarians, unlike Democrats and Republicans, believe taking your money via force for somone else's benefit, is immoral. Nor do they believe you have the right to force someone to love you for free, nor do they believe you should get your drugs/medications for free either. Nor do they believe, unlike Republicans and Democrats, that if you show up at the hospital due to overdosing on drugs, that the government should pay your bill. Nor do libertarians believe that those working for the hospital should be forced to treat somone for free. Based on the simple fact that the GOP and Democrats support taking your money by force for the benefit of others (e.g., billionaire George Kaiser getting $500 million of our money for his Solyndra), I'm turning your argument on it's head, and showing you who the real immoral parties are.
"Ron Paul believes that the presence of the United States Military throughout the World is the cause of 'ALL' strife in the World." No, Ron Paul believes our meddling with the military in other countries has created problems for the USA. It's also certainly created problems for Iraqis, like the judge who was killed by ISIS for finding Hussein guility. And many of those Iraqis aren't very happy with the USA either, which is a result of our military meddling there.
Libertarianism is not anarchism - libertarians want a government that protects our lives, property, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Libertarians believe when government goes beyond that (say into redistribution and welfare, or ridding the world of dictators to be replaced by something more anarchistic like ISIS), instead of protecting us, it preys on us. Your mistake is that anarchy is no government, while libertarianism does believe in government. Who will protect you from criminals without a government? How is it moral to use force to take one person's money and give it to someone else? Yet strangely, we find most GOP politicians promising to protect redistribution and in the form of Social Security, and welfare (for both individuals and corporations) in the form of Medicare, Medicaid and bank bailouts. Which shows the GOP is no longer fiscally conservative.
While Charles Norris had a good moral character and led a productive life, that doesn't have the answers for the policies we need in DC. Fortunately Chuck Norris knows the answer and writes "... if America is to regain its standing as the greatest nation on earth it will be ... allowing them to once again handle their own problems and issues without Washington's intervention." In other words, we'll regain our prosperity by getting our freedom back from DC. That means less government, and less government spending. I think we have a handful of Republicans that would support it, but unfortunately most, like Romney/Ryan, would prefer to grow government faster than the private sector, rather than keeping it in check or better reducing government's size. For those GOP candidates other than Rand Paul, who has submitted a budget that actually reduces government? It's not Christie, Ryan, Romney, McCain, Bush, Rubio, Perry or Huckabee. At least Rpmney/Ryan proposed a budget - one that grows government at 3.5% each year. The rest won't tell us.
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