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MoreFreedom Wrote: 22 hours ago (12:13 PM)
"One [Nazis] believed that they were the 'master race' and the other [many in the Islam religion] that they are the only true religion. Both believed that this entitled them to kill others, just for not being part of their group." Until people in the Middle East quit asking the government to initiate force against others (e.g. the Shite government employees/representatives in Iraq, to favor them relative to Sunnis) for their own personal benefit, they will never have freedom. You cannot have freedom, unless you are first willing to give it to others. And asking the US government to do the dirty work for them, just creates more enemies for the US.
Those who supported Obama, either were useful fools, or were concerned about the government checks they get (either individual or corporate welfare/favors). Now the useful fools are trying to repair their reputations and claim they aren't fools, just like the Democrat reps who voted with Obama 96% of the time and now will lose their seats.
LOL - the RINOs will never impeach Obama. First of all, they really like his policies though they claim they are against it (note the votes to fund Obamacare, while they also voted to defund it - knowing Reid would ignore the bill to defund it). They like Obama's laws because they believe it will drive more to vote for RINOs (which it will), and when they get the reins of power, they will get the lions share of the campaign cash from those involved who got the government favors. Second they know it will hurt their chances in the election as many will see it as politically motivated. If the Republicans were really conservative (and perhaps 20% of them are fiscally conservative - the majority of our GOP reps elected Boehner/McConnell who don't like the fiscal conservatives) they'd reduce government spending in the appropriations bills they send to Reid and Obama. And let the Democrats shut down government because they want more spending and are unable to cut anything.
"How can we ever get out of this nightmare of a mess Obama has created?" Citizens can quit asking government to initiate force against others on their behalf, or on the behalf of other governments. And this is something citizens of the Middle East desperately need to do. It's simply because you can't have freedom, unless you are willing to give it to others. And when government is using force against much of the citizens for the benefit of another set of citizens, that's immoral and oppressive government. And there will never be peace there until they do, but of course, we could support an extremely oppressive government (and create a lot of enemies and terrorists who'll attack us) so that oil and business contracts continue to flow to the politically connected here in the US - which has been the US foreign policy for at least 50 years.
So your solution is to vote for the GOP to sell us out instead of the Democrats? I will not vote for someone who'll sell me out, regardless of party (admittedly all the Democrats want to sell us out). Per Daniel Mitchell's Nixon Disinfectant Rule, given a choice between two statists (usually there's a libertarian to vote for so the politicians know what I want) vote for the liberal. That way the liberals in government get the blame for what government does (has it done anything right lately?) and the RNC learns that pushing RINOs is a losing propositon.
Rebuilding the Republican brand won't happen with stinking RINOs turning off independent voters, and conservatives who have better things to do than show up and vote for a statist RINO proposing more government. The only way to rebuild the Republican brand, is to only vote for real conservatives, rather than the typical GOP RINO who claims to be fiscally conservative, and then votes to fund Obamacare and to take/spend more of our money every year.
How did Bush's effort to build freedom and democracy in the Middle East work out? Didn't it create ISIS, when we could still have Saddam Hussein instead? Seems like we'd be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power. And didn't they say the war would last days or weeks, and weren't they the same guys who said we got out too soon after 10 years? Seems like it's the statists in government who propose stuff that doesn't work out. Those who propose less government, haven't had a chance to do so since the Gingrich House with Clinton in office. Otherwise, the GOP has proposed nothing but more government, with the exception of Rand Paul.
Nice job ensuring more damage being done by RINO sellouts, who claim to be fiscally conservative, yet vote to fund Obamacare and more government every time. And you think you'll "win" with a RINO. LOL What you'll get is more government, less freedom and less prosperity. Enjoy it and thank your RINO GOP for letting the Democrats have their way, and pretending they were against it.
You're delusional that the Republicans or Congress "will have no choice but to impeach him." They have a choice as to whether to proceed with impeachment, and they have a choice in their vote to impeach or not. Frankly, I think they won't impeach him, and instead will be happy giving amnesty to millions because that increases tax revenues to pay for their promises.
Do you think the Republican establishment really wants to balance the budget? Paul Ryan's proposed budget from 2012 doesn't balance until 2040 which means never. Why haven't they proposed a balanced budget in the last 20 years? At least Rand Paul did. Probably the RINOs and Democrats will explain they did balance the budget, but they won't tell you they borrowed hundreds of billions and increased our debt burden to do so, using their typical dishonest DC budget math. A balanced budget doesn't increase one's debt.
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