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60 Minutes Missed Opportunity

MoreFreedom Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 6:37 PM
"The primary role of journalists is to question authority. In these two instances, Kroft and Raddatz fell short." Today, the primary role of journalists is to get ahead by getting a cushy government PR/communicaitons/speech writing job, or by becoming a high profile anchor/journalist on TV. And the road to that is to write flattering articles for the statist politicians that might be hiring them later. so they don't lose access to them, and their company doesn't lose advertising revenue from the government. That Thomas doesn't see it, shows he's missing opportunities. But I thank him for trying to ensure journalists do their job, instead of doing jobs for politicians.

In the days of the late Mike Wallace, "60 Minutes" was known for hard-hitting, aggressive journalism that asked the questions viewers wanted answered and held the powerful accountable.

The Jan. 27 program on which Steve Kroft interviewed President Obama (at his request, no less) and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fell far short of that high standard. It was the kind of softball toss you might have expected if Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters had conducted the interview.

The president said of Clinton, "...a lot of the successes we've had internationally have been because of her hard work." Kroft should...