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How about getting some of them lardarse TSA agents from the airports????
“[I]n my wildest dreams," David Axelrod said today on MSNBC, "I never imagined that Obama could do what he has done to this country.”
And don't forget to shave their rear anatomy.......... make 'em look like a baboon
Thank ye Thank ye......... We need to find a used pair of pillory boxes and some gallows for these vermin. Then again the pillory boxes and gallows are too humane for ticks like Pelossi, Reid, Chuck U Schummer and the rest of their ilk A blow torch linked to a stack of firewood should be enough........
You ole witch, your botox is wearing off and you need some botox in yer brains ye ole hag. (Botox in yer Buttocks where yer brain resides) Now find your broom and go fly into a light pole for Halloween so our kids can get a good laugh at the witch who flew into the light pole.
The coward has to wear his wife's burkha. Show your face o'brave soldier of mohhamed's army. Your leader rode into the desert, with a shawl covering his face, and you wear a burkha, hahahahahahahahah.
+ a bazzillion. You nailed it, Cameron also cut short his last vacation when he heard about the beheading of US captives. While our toothless bulldog went and golfed to his heart's content and then went off to a lavish fund-raiser for the RATS. Just goes to show where the leadership of the two countries stand in contrast.
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Video: Kerry Says US Not at War With ISIS

Moontoo Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 9:14 PM
Words of wisdom from ketchup kerry. This 2 faced road apple has been lying to us since the days of Vietnam.......... (Am I insulting road apples by comparing them to this puke of a person?)
Amen bro Amen....... that's what we really need.
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