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So now we have AAJA, supporting the isis cowards. Lets support the AAJA by sending one of their bravest an best reporters to the isis hq an gaining an in-depth report on why isis behaves like women in burkhas while killing innocent civilians. Further-more lets send a reporter from the brave ranks of the AAJA to Syria and have this reporter sen us news about the atrocities committed by the burkha wearing isis "soldiers" These men in womens' clothing are the soldiers of isis. Wonder if they wear thongs from Victorias Secret, along with the body shapers and the little training bras...........????????????????
Why are the called Blackberry????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
I am shocked, just shocked that our fine "unbiased" news-media would not have one of their most senior journalist hot on the trail of this issue. Where's hillary shrieking to find justice, where is cummings roaring like a wounded wildebeast? and where oh where is chucky schumer, with his glasses down to the tip of his nose looking condescendingly at the guilty party and wagging his bony finger at them? Alas they are nowhere to be found. The democRAT cave must be very full at this time..
And the HDs' were stolen from the computer, the tape drives jammed up and some-one de-gaused the entire backup system. Thats our story and whatcha gonna do about it?????
Look no further than the white-house for the leaks,,,,,,,,,,,,
Soon after this statement from a toothless bulldog, pigs all over the world sprouted wings and flew, there were reports of s_at_ans abode freezing. Simple solution, we have planes that fight forest fires, load them up with pigs' blood and start sprinkling it all over the mid east. This will stop all fighting, we would have won the battle without firing a shot............
“Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me." Matthew 24:9
Obama Back in Washington on Rare Vacation Break Should read: Obama Back in Washington on Rare WORK Break.
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