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Sorry you bloody kaffir, you have shrunk our opportunities a long time ago with your communist agenda. Now just go and slink away like a rabid raccoon into your cave.
obama looks and sounds like a fart in a skillet...........
ACORNs' morphed into obamacare helper elves. You idiot look it up. and while you're at it also check your anal cavity for dingleberries your hero in the whitehouse may have forgotten to wipe.
Great point, and all I hear is crickets from lois,,,,,,,,,, lmfao
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Chicago is Most Corrupt City in Country

Moontoo Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 1:15 AM
A penile implant woven from the same cloth of corruption in Chi-town is our CIC.
Lil chucky has to get his lips unglued from obamas penile implant first
SAME cloth.......sorry about the typo.
obama's kinfolk have been killing each other from the days of Noah. This vermin who stoops beneath the dignity of a cockroach is woven from the sam cloth. Need i say more.
Obvious comments from a basturd who never wiped his anal cavity.
Please don't insult human beings by comparing them to this pathetic yard ape.
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