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They both have something on each other, hence the silence and the lips firmly planted on each others buttocks
Is this moron trying to look intelligent by wearing reading glasses?? Just aksing?????
Danish PM: ‘Denmark Has Been Hit By Terror’ Duuuuuuuuuuuuh. You should have thought about this and these plague ridden inbred muslim terrorists before you let them into you country.
Van Jones the self confessed stupid KAFFIR of the obongo adminstration. Hey Van Take your ideology from Africa and move there. You stupid kaffir trying to look intelligent with eyeglasses. Maachende ya maako Mbolo ya taate yaako. Stupid kaffir.
Everytime a black conservative is in the headlines the liberal dum-bass media will try their best to assassinate their character. It's happened a number of times. With that said, I'll say: "You go Mr Cosby, Keep us entertained with your wholesome comedy and down to earth messages to the young black folks of today" and thank you.
@willibeaux. Read you loud & clear. These moonbats from the Woodstack debacle are the idiots we have ruling over us. Thanks. Did my time with Selous Scouts of SA. & with the Rhodesian Army. We ran the commies out for a while until the UN & the world looked at the atrocities of Mugabe's so called freedom fighters and called them heroes... Long time ago..........
57% of Adults!. You know that with the idiots who get their news from the likes of Jon Stupid and the rest of his ilk, the adult population is in the minority these days. A moron who goes to college and gets a degree in some stupid school is still a moron
@Carlos7. They can do this, yet we have a Republican leadership that cowers when this POStus walks in the room. These RINOS should have turned their backs on obama at the SOTUS.
That would be great, muslms flying a muslim in a dilapidated aircraft
This is no surprise!. This was planned and the plan was carried out by the back stabbing kaffir in the whitehouse. The bergdahls' or whatever their name is are the enemy. Their son deserted his post walked away toward the enemy and cost us the lives of brave soldiers who went to look for this coward. Do these vermin have a conscience? How do they sleep at night knowing that they produced a filthy coward for an offspring and that has helped our enemies to strengthen? Bloody swine
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