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“Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me." Matthew 24:9
Obama Back in Washington on Rare Vacation Break Should read: Obama Back in Washington on Rare WORK Break.
Vernon Jordan, Hmmm wasn't he indicted for some criminal mischief??? Can't recall.....
Nothing left to loot in Chi-town or in Detoilet. These parasites AKA looters will only go to where they can suck the life-blood of a thriving community and then turn it into a wasteland like any other ghetto they dwell in.
Yep, most of them who go into politics always join the democRAT plantation.
Al Sharptongue at the fore-front of this. Him along with obama are the ones pushing the racial divide. Trotting out the baby pictures along with "He was such a good boy" comment from family. Condolences to the family. Accidents happen and there are NO excuses for that. Where is Sharptongue when we have 40 + people killed in Chicago. Black on Black violence, where are the looters and rioters in Chicago? Nowhere to be found. Sharptongue is a coward and will only show his face like a jackal when it benefits him financially.
What part of that do you not understand, cons?? Should we just be in a perpetual war we can't win? If so - time to bring back the draft and raise taxes to pay for the stupid wars. The above was posted by loisos(ickhead) Hey you idiot. We had a very competent armed force that was capable of taking out the regime in Iraq. Your liberal commie swine in the House and the Senate, including your analwhore obaama and ketchup kerry lashed out and voted against the total rebuilding of the Iraqi infrastructure from the ground up. Your analwhore obbama, also went on record to say that we should pull out and leave the Iraqis to govern themselves. Now you kool-aid drinking witch you have the gall to blame the Republicans and introduce the draft? This along with raising taxes. !!! You idoitic (S)(H)(I)(T) for brains moron......What are you thinking. YOU low life Vermin
LOL. liberal trolls need more kool aid........
The lying stack of dog poop. The boy-man prez has no idea what it is to run a country let alone fight a war.
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