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Make 'em squeal Martha. Everyone of the liberals and include the RINOS ala McCain et al also............
A kaffir pretending to be working..............
I doubt it will happen, We need to label Greenpeace a a terrorist organization.
Obamas robots or AKA obumbots gone wild.
Hey walletprofit you shitforbrains dickwad. go away you little chink bastardo whorebitch sonofa castrated dog who had obamaswife as his whorebitch.fuckkkkkoff and leave us alone you chinese shithead.
Go back to work you leeches/parasite & moonbats. Don't you have more propoganda activities to leak????
Castro + Peace prize = OXYMORON. This is truly stupid to award a peace prize to a dic(k)tator who has killed more people in his country under the guise of protecting the country.
How many of the kids pictured with MOOCHELLE know who their daddy is? How many of these kids pictured with HER LOWNESS know that their parents were out looting and stealing the night before?
Pictured with MOOCHELLE are blackkids. Where are the Asian kids? Where are the White kids? and where are the Latino kids???? What a racist MOOCHELLE is.
Don't you mean "PRO-BONED" her way?????
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