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Great article, John, except you flunk Grammar 101: You wrote: "Chicago has lost 25% of its population since it’s peak" You should have written: " . . .since its peak"
Gosh, Panda. And here all my friends think I'm conservative. Yours is not the only view on the conservative side.
A lesson to be learned here, folks. Specifically how to disagree without being disagreeable. One does not get people to accept or appreciate different viewpoints by spewing out foul language.
A gentleman, you are not. It's people using your type of insulting language that give Conservatives a bad name.
Panda- I suggest you learn to write without being insulting. Perhaps you'd like to explain the insult; I didn't get it. And if you were the Christian player on the team saying Buddhist prayers, it wouldn't bother you?
Hey, folks, wait 'til you go to a football game where the pre-game prayer is Buddhist--this actually was experienced by a man vacationing in Hawaii. His whole attitude on prayer was changed; I suspect yours would be also.
There is no defense for texting or cell phone usage (other than calls to 911) while driving. Our of our state senators has a "mobile office" in a van driven by one of his staff members. After following him and his erratic moves during a morning drive downtown, I called the senator's local office and complained. The person answering the phone said she would report this to the staffer's supervisor. The senator is in a tight race next year--'nuff said.
Grammar check, Mike! You wrote:" In the biggest nannycrat proposal ever, the IMF announced it's vision . . ." The word is "its" with no apostrophe in the possessive.
Any military strike by the U.S. would end up killing innocent people--or the Syrian government/rebel factions would produce video showing the dead bodies of innocent civilians. Unilateral military action in Syria is a lose-lose situation for the U.S.
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The Decline of College

Moonglowalso Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 2:23 AM
Get rid of remedial courses. If you don't have the academic skills to get into college, you don't get into college, period! Which might force some institutions of higher learning into bankruptcy. Or, perhaps it might force our secondary school system to improve.
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