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Between the time of the incident and the award he recieved a promotion. Medal of Honor awards generally take a long time to process.
We weren't occupying their countries when this started. They took the fight to us and we waited until they finally killed @3000 Civilians in one day. Wars tend to be like bar fights they don't stop until one of the advesaries doesn't want to or can't get up.
If Ron Paul and congress hadn't wimped out with a "use of force resolution" instead of declaring war the lines of demarcation would be clearer. They were afraid to take the fight to the islamists that are fighting us. Check your history civilians routinely get killed in wars of all types. Especially the ones where the enemy thinks they can be used as shields or camouflage. By the way why aren't you slamming the islamists for killing civilians as they routinely do.
When does conservatism kick in? When the government stops being able to write the check , provide food and a dry place to sleep. Because if we get to that point you can be compassionate all you want but if you don't have to means to help you are no longer compassionate just useless.
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Don't Blame Romney

Mooner Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 1:08 PM
Sorry Ann your candidate selection is in doubt. You need to move out of the Northeast for a few years. Book tours don't count for knowing the rest of the country.
They need to take a page from Bill Clinton's book and get the resignations of all the US attorneys then start put some lawyer types that know what the oath of office means. You might run out of lawyers at that point.
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Republicans Nullifying Conservatives II

Mooner Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 7:26 AM
In Georgia the Governor ( a former Democrat) seems to be falling into old habits by pushing add on to the sales tax for transportation spending. The problem for the Atlanta area they want start more mass transit when what we have is corrupt and bankrupt already. We'll likely be looking for a new Governor in 2014 unless he curbs himself.
Given Democrats propensity to shade their history are we sure this guy is really Kiowa or did he buy the title. Anyone who claims to be a Harvard Grad and of a distinct heritage should be called in to question. The whole university is fraudulent just look at their alums.
Ward Churchhill and Warren have the same part down the middle of their hair. Maybe that qualifies them as indian.
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Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites

Mooner Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 8:11 AM
You could list several other groups like Roman Catholics and Union workers that support the democrats to their own detriment. I know I am not the clearest seeing smartest person around but I can see the democrats for what they are power hungry users.
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