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Where's Luca Brasi When You Need Him?

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 12:22 PM
There's a disease which afflicts conservatives who are new to DC. It's been called Beltwayitis or Patomic Fever. Its primary symptom is a compulsive seeking of approval from the members of the fashionable cocktail party circuit. Part of the cause if the corrupting influence of power. Those who hold the levers of power in DC default to libeal philosophy which cast conservatives as backwards, undereducated hicks who lack all social graces and are to be avoided by all who value their reputations. Only when one abandons conservative ideas does he become "enlightened" and gets praised by the media and invited to all the "right" cocktail parties.

I had barely left the stage at CPAC when Republicans did the exact thing I told them not to do.

Contrary to giddy liberals writing the obituary of the Republican Party, the nation has not swung left. Republicans just keep losing easy races through unforced errors. I advised them to stop doing that.

Not two days later, in the Republican primary for Tim Scott's old congressional seat from South Carolina, among the top two finalists was Mark Sanford, the Todd Akin of South Carolina. You would think Akin would stand in history to teach Republicans to...