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Detroit Says "Thanks Joe" by Ripping Off Biden

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 11:59 AM
Last week on one of the Detroit TV staions 11 PM news, the police cheif was on camera more than the anchors. The station was taping his reaction to 3 murders and a car wreck. Mayor Bing is a good man and is trying to straighten things out but the task he faces makes what faced Barry appear microscopic by comparison. Not only is crime rampant, but large areas of the city are vacant lots. The mayor wants to move residents of sparsely populated areas closer together to save money on trash collection, snow plowing, and police and fire coverage. The thugs who stole the truck were undoubtedly looking for loot that they could sell at the local pawn shop.

It’s a good thing that Joe Biden and Barack Obama saved the car company that saved Detroit.

Some Detroiters were so thankful that they stole some Biden gear that was headed down to the Democrat National Carnival. A U-Haul with Biden’s VP accoutrement was jacked over the weekend from the Westin hotel according to the Secret Service.

“Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the USSS,” reports ABCNews blog The Note “told ABC News the truck carrying equipment was stolen between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning at the Westin Hotel in Detroit. He would not specify what kind of...