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As well as grievance without solution, casting blame on the innocent.
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The IRS Hatchetmen

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 10:19 AM
The biggest problem with the CBO and apparently the JTC is that the estimates they prepare must use the assumptions provided by Congress, regardless of merit.
That's what happens when the gubmint picks winners and losers. Using the CRA, the gubmint forced banks to ignore the traditional lending standards which kept the mortgage market stable for decades.When the market inevitably tanked, those who caused the mischief blamed everyone except themselves. The "remedy" they prescribed was predictable for progs - more of what caused the problem to begin with.
The premise that increasing the number of available workers tends to depress wage levels is only partly true. It does apply to the market but on a sector by sector basis. To wit: an increase in the number of low skilled workers will keep wages somewhat lower at the bottom, but has no effect on wages for higher skilled workers. No business will hire someone whose skillset is limited to running an idiot stick for an IT position. If you look at the current population of illegals, it breaks down into three categories. high skilled mostly visa overstayers, working poor, and welfare consumers. The first group competes for jobs with educated citizens. It's also the smallest group. The second cohort are the gardners and nannies. Most of them work off the books. The final group was exported to the US by Mexico and other countries to offload their welfare rolls. All are here now, so legalizing some or all of them won't have much of an immediate effect. Allowing chain migration from those already here could create problems.
PT Barnum told us about people like Chapman. Let's see, we sacrifice a healthy chunk of our capacity to prosper and the Chinese sacrifice nothing. For someone who's obsessed with "fairness", Obama's pact with China belies that commitment.
Tebow won more NFL playoff games than many Heismann winning wonders Andre Ware, Gino Torretta, Ken Dorsey, Troy Smith, Charlie Ward and Eric Crouch come to mind. Crouch never even made the final roster as either QB or DB.
I'm from the gubmint and I'm here to help. Those are the most dangerous words in the English language.
To libs, history is forever etched in water.
Projection is a talent that Dems have elevated to a fine art. Gruber, like many pointy headed academics, may be very intelligent and is highly educated in a micro narrow field of specialization. Where these elites go off the rails is in assuming that their expertise is universally applicable. Gruber may be able to explain the mechanics of funding medical care using complex differential equations that only a handful of people could understand, but couldn't assemble a bookcase from IKEA.
I don't see Obama as a lame duck. He's more like a cornered, rabid weasel. He sees not only the impending end to his power but the fading adulation of the koolade drinkers. That makes him feel angry, frightened, and desparate.His desire for relevance is outweighing what little respect he had for the limitations of the office he holds. The next two years will likely be a bumpy ride and if a Repub is leading in the polls in2016, he may become unhinged.
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