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Criminalizing political oipposition is a hallmark of banna republic tyrants. Even without political bias, dealing with any gubmint agency is a pain in the glutes, but using the coercive power of those agencies to harass political opponents goes outside the bounds of decency. The only solace we can take is in the knowledge that paybacks can be a biotch if our pols have the stones to use them.
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Memorial to Waste

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 10:14 AM
Other than the statue of Ike as a general, two stone tablets, one with his message to the troops on the eve of D-Day and the other with the letter he wrote in case the invasion failed would be sufficient.
It's a tactic used by magicians, who call it misdirection. They attract the attention of the audience with one hand while performing the trick with the other. The blame game puts one's opponent on defense while ignoring the flaws of the accuser.
Holder's default position is that whites are always guilty and so are cops. Ergo, this officer is doubly guilty. Also, we haven't heard the cop's story because the prosecution and his defenders do not want the issue tried in the press.
I agree fully with the conclusion. When the mission of the Fed was to maintain a stable currency and when necessary, provide enough liquidity to keep the financial system operating. The idea of using monetary policy to counteract high unemployment is ludicrous.
This topic is almost as old as human history,yet somehow society seems to find a way to not only survive but thrive. We certainly have more leisure time and media eager to fill that time for a price than any time at the past. Hawkins was on to something about the world being run in reality by the kind of people who elude the glow of the klieg lights. All the millenials serving honorably in the military encourage me to think that all is not lost. While the cream rises to the top, scum floats too.
You can get pretty close to an 1894 lifestyle by visiting an Amish enclave.
This is the same doofus who suggested that to return the economy to health by having Team Obama gin up a fake invasion by space aliens.
Who is her father?
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