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After half a century and over $17 Trillion dollars spent, you'd think that the geniuses in DC would have figured out that spending truckloads of money will never eradicate poverty. I can only conclude that the reason for this is partly that the self proclaimed best and brightesr are neither and mostly because the eradication of poverty is not the real objective. That objective is to provide fellow travelers and relatives with high pay, no work jobs, the masses with generous freebies, and themselves with votes and cash. Even if someone invented a magic potion to eliminate poverty, it would just be redefined. To wit: if the gubmint gave every man, woman, and child $50,000 per year, the poverty line would move to $60,000.
Swiss neutrality has long been protected by geography. The response of the Swiss banks to Holder's shakedown was perfect.
Curtis is a Dem. To her party, that is the only fact that matters To the media, that is the only fact that matters.To those groups, her party affiliation is the modern day equivalent of a clerical indulgence, it forgives any and all sins.all he has to pay is her soul. To her the pce was cheap.
Facebook, etc are merely the tools with which the informal part of the DNC carries out character assassination. Ignoring such attacks will not make them go away. FB etc have to do a better job of ensuring that their services are not being used for nefarious purposes. Just putting a disclaimer on a page that nobody reads won't cut it. It may take a bunch of big, highly public class action lawsuits to get adequate controls put in place.
My money says that the Pentagon has more than enough well thought out plans to deal with ISIS. What's lacking is the go ahead from the CinC. In his own words, Obama said that if the political winds turn ugly, he'd side with the Muslims. It makes Arab-Isreali conflict easy to deal with, his default is that Israel is bad. The real conundrum to Obama is Muslim vs Muslim conflict. He can't seem to pick a side to support in any of these because deep down he supports both sides. Consequently, his positions on Egypt, Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and now ISIS have been so utterly inconsistent you'd think he is bipolar at best.
Maybe he thinks that he can instruct his minions to concoct some new scandal to distract his critics.
BHO lives inside a bubble of fantasy. It's fed and groomed by armies of sycophants. Unpleasant things like reality are not permitted to enter.
The Dolt is not selling because few people are willing to pony up the 18-20K extra it stickers for when compared to the Cruze. The Cruze is the identical platform with a regular powertrain. On the bailout, Bush did start it as a part of the TARP, intending it to be a crutch for GM to use until it recovered and repaid the money advanced. Obama took over and changed the whole thing into a bailout for the UAW who supported his election campaigns. He appointed a car czrs who had never worked a day in any form of the auto biz. When GM and Chrysler inevitably went through bankruptcy, another promise broken, the court contradicted a century of bankruptcy judges and handed most of GM to the UAW and Chrysler was bought by Fiat. Absent from virtually every conversation about the bailout is any mention of the roughly 2800 local dealerships that were arbitrarily shut down or of the jobs of those who made Pontiacs, Saturns, or Hummers.
Like any good prog, Barry lives in a fantasy world, in which actual evil does not exist. In that world, even his adversaries, except maybe the Tea Party, are all rational, civilized, and entirely motivated by altruism. The only place in the universe that anything vaguely resembling that vision can be found is in the faculty lounge or a convention of professors.
Don't hold your breath. Barry couldn't lead a pack of wild hyenas to fresh meat.
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