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Change is inherent to all dynamic systems. The atmosphere is very dynamic. That much is settled science. The skepticism arises from the assertions that human activity is the primary source of change and that the change will have only deleterious effects up to and including catastrophe. Those assertions are rooted in self hatred.
Before you remove the speck from his eye, remove the beam from your own. It's the left, using the tools of speech codes, race cards, and all forms of the ad hominem to silence the opposition.
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Progressivism Kills

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: Dec 25, 2014 12:51 PM
Another aspect of this issue is the flocks of useful idiots who are drawn to protests like moths to a flame. Some are just horny guys who are trying to get lucky by mouthing the right slogans to an easy prog chick. There are even a few true believers who drink kool ade by the gallon. The majority are simply making a fashion statement. They parrot chants because it's the cool thing to do. The signs they carry are just to show that they're hip. None of the words on the signs or in the chants have any more meaning than the lyrics to the latest Katy Perry song. No one is more surprised than them when those words and the attitudes they accompany take root in the fertile ground of a deranged mind and bear deadly fruit.
Yeah, and you believe in Santa Claus too.
Due process goes out the window in college rape cases because it soesn't fit the progressive narrative in those cases. To the progs, being in a disfavored demographic group by itself is all the proof they need. Facts are pesky things and the progs cannot let them interfere with furthuring the agenda.
I read the AP article which stated that while the Dems enjoyed a huge advantage in reported contributions, Repubs may have received more contributions from non profits, which do not have to report contributions. The implication, of course was that money donated to Repubs is "dirty". Conspicuously absent from that article was the huge pot of money tossed in by progs like Steyer and the whole universe of Soros sponsored groups.
This is the logical conclusion from a mindset that holds the US and the West responsible for all ills on Earth.
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Who's Responsible?

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 12:40 PM
Also, unlike the popular myth circulated by the left, the stop & frisk program was NOT a random rousting aimed exclusively at young black males. The reality is that the cops were constrained by the need for probable cause, ie when a beat cop saw citizens acting suspiciously, those mooks could be searched.
There's another curious dichotomy. Among the pro cop demonstrators, where are the arsonists and looters? Oh yeah, there aren't any.
Progs have a loose grip on reality at best. Why is it that they don't use the same argument that they use for gun bans when it comes to thinks like drunk drivers? Drunks kill many more than guns, yet there is no clamor to ban automobiles. Many more people die from medical mistakes than by gunshot yet they don't demand the banning of hospitals. Consistency is the hobgoblin of the small mind.
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