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If the UN had any standars at all, it would be more than what they have now. For decades, it's been little but a club for corrupt, capitalism hating tyrants.
Isn't it inconsistent for people who adhere to the tenets of moral relativism claim what they call the moral high ground?
Of the involuntary closures, almost all who made political contributions were to McCain or Hillary none to Obama. Fortunately, many have bounced back and are making money selling Korean makes.
Compare the campaign contributions to Obama from the UAW vs Delphi workers. You'll find the answer there.
I'd rather have Harding. He faced a recession in 1920 that was sharper and deeper than the "catastrophe" Obama dealt with, but we never hear about the Depression of 1920, why? Harrding cut spending in half, cut taxes, and reduced the debt by 1/3rd producing what we now call the Roaring 20s.
You mean he doesn't? Don't tell him, he won't believe you.
I know when Heinlein wrote his "stuff". My Star Trek reference was based on the timeline of your sociology course. Also it would not surprise me to find that Star Trek scriptwriters were inspired by Heinlein, who by the way is one of my all time favorite authors.
Someone should tell Barry that he can't have it both ways.
The phrase "economic patriotism" to a prog means "You pay more taxes that the law says you owe so I can cheat on my own".
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