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Progs are mainly cronological adults with childlike intllects Appropriately, their poiticlal phiosophy rests on a bedrock of fantasy. Anyone who seriously suggests magic as a budgetng tool is clearly delusional.
We'd all be Democrats.
Ask them if they have a cellphone. When they say "Yes" tell them to call someone who gives a shyt.
I have one slight nit to pick. Instead of saying in the first sentence that Obama has no energy policy, I'd say Obama has a no energy policy.Other than that it accurately describes the implications of fluctuating energy prices on the international market, something that's been going on as long as I can remember.
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The Audacity of Greg Orman

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: 21 hours ago (11:20 AM)
Greg Orman is as much an independent as Mike Bloomberg. The Dems knew that there is no way Kansas would elect a Dem to the Senate, so they just changed the label on one of their own. To a Dem, electoral politics is a blood sport. The only rule is "Do whatever you have to to win".
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Predatory Journalism

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: 21 hours ago (11:04 AM)
The free market allows anyone to enter that business and offer better terms. We don't have a free market. Aparently the level of ignorance about money and banking is dependent on political orientation, not education level.Tje interest rates on such instruments are indicative of the size of the loans and the default rate.
"It’s sheer insanity to believe anything anyone in this administration says, and everyone knows it. Everyone except Chet the Unicorn" The real insanity is in believing that the gubmint is endowed with magic powers that protect everyone from all of life's travails. Nothing could be firther from the truth. The absolute best that a gubmint can do is to protect the territorial integrity of the country and protect the private property rights of citizens. By doing these two things, the creative energies of the people will be unleashed.
BHO was the first POTUS in history to be reelected with fewer votes than he got in the first election.
Sounds like a typical post game "celebration" in East Lansing. While Barry may be sentimentally aligned with most rioters, because 99% of rioters are fellow travelers, this seems to be an event fuelled by a comination of alcohol and raging hormones which not even the Magnificent Ozbama can control.
Klain was tapped for the job of Ebola czar because the regime knew of his experience dealing with hanging chads. They said "Ebola comes from Africa, Chad is in Africa, he must be qualified.
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