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The manufacturing of this so called crisis goes well beyond what was described here. A few years ago, Obama announced the unauthorized decision on his part to stop deporting illegals who arrived here as minors. That move was seen in Mexico and Central America as an engraved invitation to send their children to the US. Then in January, the Feds advertised for contractors to submit bids to provide housing and transport to unaccompanied minors. This was unquestionably deliberate.
Movie studios are like any other business, their primary purpose is to make money. The people who run those studios understand this quite well. It may cause their stomachs to churn when they see the audiences flocking to see films that show values that gag the artist's obligatory opinions.
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Spending and Morality

Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: 20 hours ago (8:59 AM)
People like Obama see the US Treasury as the equivalent of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Nobody put it there and no matter how much you take out of it, it refills itself magically.They see themselves as the equivalent of Santa Claus, obligated to provide everything to everyone, just for the asking.
The reason for the furor over this decision can be explained in one word - fundraising.
The best defense Ireland could muster was a weak suggestion that her organization could have come up with a less offensive name for the list. Then she proceeded to duck and dodge the issue of how including the Little Sisters of the Poor on that list demonstrated the classless nature of NOW.
The problem is not limited to immigration enforcement. Every bureaucracy in existence is infected with the idea that its number one purpose is not to serve the public, but to perpetuate the organization. Congress is infested with lawyers and in an incestuous fashion everything they do is designed to keep more lawyers working. Once upon a time, we were a nation of laws. Today, we are a nation of lawyers.
It's not that Obama can't work with Congress, he won't do it.
Chicago has been a one party town since at least the days of Prohibition, another failed experiment in gubmint control.Restrictive gun control laws will not stop gangbangers any more than Prohibition stopped drinking. BTW, when Prohibition was over, Capone and his competitors were looking for a new business to enter. They chose local politics, seeing that it was not only safer than bootlegging, but a whole lot more lucrative.
Wow, I didn;t even make it to kindergarten when my parents first told me that the world is not fair.
This list is made of examples of the consequences of the "Everybody gets a trophy" school of thought. Of course, when so many children are being raised by children there is no adult role model to follow.
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