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More like Stalin, Mao or hitler's dream.
Neither good or faith are words I would associate with Reid or for that matter the entire democratic party.
NOW this piece of sheit wants to work with the repubs.
Three to five gets this Lt Colonel has been a REMF his entire career. Damn all bureaucrats.
I still fail to understand how it can be legal to "permit" a constitutional RIGHT.
And the "british are coming AGAIN" under the name of progressive/democrat as they are doing the exact same thing and an ungodly amount more than king George.
Freedom, Privacy and liberty ARE conservative principles.
Come on give the dems a break they only fell short in two areas, truth and facts.
If he is the only choice for a republican, you might as well vote dem.
The no holds barred treachery of the DNC even affects their own. The socialist opps I mean democrat party has really started to implode.
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