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He is more like a fifth grade playground bully.
To the leftist proletariat right is wrong, good is bad and I am smarter than you are so I'm right you're wrong so there. I despise the (sic) progressives and their working drones the liberals as they have effectively progressed America to implosion. The abject failure of every possible program, idea or course of action forced on us by these so called "enlightened" idiots only serves to encourage their drive for more lunacy. These people are mentally unstable. They need treatment NOT public service jobs.
Please, please, PLEASE, put botox betty in a rubber room before she does any MORE damage.
Good God people grow up and quit WHINING about EVERYTHING. Get a life. There are FAR more important things to be concerned about. Like gun shaped pop tarts and children pointing a dangerous assault fingers and saying bang. You people are seriously mentally RETARDED.
According to the ILLEGAL war powers act,the answer is yes. As to the act being illegal which it is because it violates the constitution by granting the power of war to the president in direct contradiction to the constitution. Only congress has that power as per the constitution. America is suffering a death of a thousand cuts by a government that abuses its authority on a daily basis, twisting and perverting every aspect of our laws to serve them instead of the people. It is now of the government, by the government and for the government.
HOW is this scumbag a "professor" in an AMERICAN school. Is it just me or is the average IQ of our teachers and administrators about two points below room temp. Before you attack me LOOK at the headlines for the last 5 years. Look to the ASININE courses these mental giants are teaching and calling it higher education. Look to these administrators and their SERIOUSLY bent agendas and complete disregard for America as a country. These people are mentally ill and in NO way should be around children OR adults or in ANY position to "educate" anything smarter than a potato.
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The Media's Sharpton Agenda in Ferguson

MontieR Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 7:43 AM
I finally see some hope that these, people these racist, race baiting frauds, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama are being seen for what they are, manipulative control freaks with no regard for those they supposedly speak for. There only impetus is further self aggrandizement and power to control others. The complete surrender of the media to their Anti America, anti freedom mindset is becoming apparent to even the most deliberately under educated democrats.
Then please define "shall not be infringed". It does NOT assume you are in the militia. It DOES specifically state "the right of THE PEOPLE (not the militia)to keep and bear arms" So yes it DOES bar states from regulating ANY of our rights. And common sense would dictate that if it is my right to carry a weapon the ammo would be included.
Jersey's laws are in DIRECT contradiction to the second amendment. The supreme court has repeatedly violated "shall not be infringed" with ANY and ALL rulings allowing ANY regulation of ANY right.
Until we remove the charlatans, liars and criminals from office this will escalate, probably into a bloody war in the streets. The republican party is what the democrats of 40 or 50 years ago WERE, and the democrats are NOTHING short of full blown communists. You can't get any further left than lennin.
Their anti religion IS a religion, so SHUT UP and go away.
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