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Judge Green Lights Exploitation of Girls With Over-the-Counter Morning After Pill Ruling

montanabeliever Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 6:45 AM
Parents should be more involved with their kids, knowing where they are and with whom and exactly what they are doing 24/7. Monitor their phone calls, internet activity, etc. That's what I do with my kids. This may help keep their kids both male and female from turning into sluts.

Your kids can't drink soda, take Tylenol at school, bring homemade cupcakes to their classrooms etc. and adults can't get certain allergy medicines or Sudafed without showing a proper form of government identification to a pharmacist yet a judge has ruled that the morning after pill, better known as Plan B, should be made available on the store shelves for girls of any age. That's right, Plan B will be made available to any girl, at any age, at any time with zero parental consent.

In what has already shown to be a controversial move, a federal...