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Judge Green Lights Exploitation of Girls With Over-the-Counter Morning After Pill Ruling

montanabeliever Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 6:32 AM
So because it's fun, and now they will have access to this pill without an Rx, girls will become even bigger hos than they are right now. Having sex with a girl consequence free will be as easy as switching on a lamp.

Your kids can't drink soda, take Tylenol at school, bring homemade cupcakes to their classrooms etc. and adults can't get certain allergy medicines or Sudafed without showing a proper form of government identification to a pharmacist yet a judge has ruled that the morning after pill, better known as Plan B, should be made available on the store shelves for girls of any age. That's right, Plan B will be made available to any girl, at any age, at any time with zero parental consent.

In what has already shown to be a controversial move, a federal...