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Flip-Flopper Alert: Why I Changed My Views on Same Sex Marriage

Monstermash Wrote: Jul 14, 2013 8:23 PM
At the end of the day, my response to the Same Sex Marriage debate is honestly a shrug of my shoulders and a, “Whatever.” --Amen, I agree, and what a great and honest article. Spot on. And our obsession with what gays do in their private lives is - besides the cowardice of RINOs and the GOP Establishment, including Paul Ryan, etc., on Immigration, and so on - going to finally destroy the chance to have a freedom loving president.
jkash1776 Wrote: Jul 14, 2013 9:26 PM
in their 'private lives'?
When my five year old HAS to read a book on PRIVATE gay marriage? When my PRIVATE business is subject to being closed because I won't provide flowers to a gay wedding? When my job as a clergyman is sued and I face imprisonment because gay PRIVATE lives are so special that anyone that openly doesn't agree with it can be prosecuted? When my job as a soldier is subject to being raped by my commanding officer because I cannot claim that he sexually harassed and raped me because that is discriminatory to his PRIVATE LIFE, which can never be mentioned and must always be protected specially? When my 6 year old son can be helped to have a transgender sex change and I cannot stop it if his gay teachers say that he has a right and if I am against it I am bigoted against the PRIVATE LIFE of gays? When I a father am put in jail because I BEG the school to TELL me before or even AFTER when they are going to bring up same sex marriage to my kindergartener and I get angry when they tell me they have no obligation to do so?

THESE have all happened MONSTER.

Same sex marriage is about SPECIAL rights put in place to take away rights from those who morally are not in agreement. The ONLY place that one can object is in one's PRIVATE home..and even then, a neighbor or a gay sympathizer can report them and have them brought up on charges.

So who has the 'animus' now?