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Really appreciate your sarcasm. Of course, we all know, the 3 branches of government (as originally defined by our Constitution) are not co-equal. Checks and balances … yes – But not … co-equal.
Washington Redskin players, should play every game in 'red-face'. I'll bet the fans would love it ...... seriously.
This article does not tell us that HB 305 has passed. I would assume it would also have to be passed by the LA state senate. I love the language … “HB 305 provides that no representative of a business or organization that performs abortion may provide instruction in schools that receive STATE (emphasis mine) funding,”. Can you say States reclaiming their authority from the federal government? But before we celebrate, let's wait for the bill to pass and be signed into law.
“Republicans would get a LOYAL MEMBER OF THE PARTY (emphasis mine) no matter who ends up with the position, ….....”? What?? Is that really what we want? Another loyal member of the party?
And Satan has convinced many people that he does not exist ...........
George257, Thank you for your 'thoughtful' reply. May I suggest ….. you missed the 'point'.
Ben, thank you for the thoughtful article. When I am asked what I think of Nelson Mandela; I respond with, he was a complicated man. He did some terrible things, and did some wonderful things . . . . much like most human beings. Neither he, nor any other human being should be deified. Perhaps, the propensity of human beings to deify another human being speaks volumes about the human condition.
Government IS big (bigger than our founders intended) … Government IS bad (when it does not protect the “rights” it was created to protect, but instead creates “rights” to empower Government to control people and trample upon the “rights” it was created to protect) … AND Government IS evil - - - because of all of the previous. One might say Man is evil. A concept our founders understood when they penned our Constitution. Those who reject our Constitution … embrace evil. Perhaps those are the “wingnuts”. I'm just say'n …...
I don't know if any other posters have made the following point. Forgive me if it has already been made. This article completely misses the point. There was a reason our founders did not want Senators to be elected directly by the people. There was a reason our founders set up the Senate to (in Obama's words) “grind business (that would be government) to a halt”. That reason was to protect the people from the government. Actually, to protect the people from a tyrannical government. Our founders did not fear government gridlock. They embraced it as a protection for the people.
IF ONLY … the people of Arizona shared your sentiment ….......
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