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Beethoven, now you are being the uncouth, rude person who you mentioned in a different comment. I would not want my son to hear you talk about other people in that manner, so why should you post it on a public forum? Shame on you.
You are incorrect to call it state sanctioned sodomy. My straight neighbors probably have more sodomy in their relationship than myself and my partner do. It is not all about Sex. It is about 2 grown adults choosing to live life on their chosen terms. We do not harm others and actually contribute to society with taxes and volunteer work and just being good citizens. I live in WA state and there are strict checks for fraud. Come on over and visit WA, Beethoven! You will be surprised how many normal every day gay people are here. In fact you won't even notice them unless you ask them if they are gay or straight :)
So true ThasicAlambra! As a lesbian I did choose to marry my wife and we are happy at the moment. I traveled alot in my youth and found the south to be very welcoming and the people to be loving and accepting. I would give up the word "marriage" for some of that southern hospitality (and low taxes too). I do agree with conservatives and tea party members who rally for LESS government and getting the government out of our personal lives. What a nice world that would be!
Then I welcome you to visit my part of town in the PNWest, where my friends, both gay and straight, use proper language, are educated, open minded and do not try to draw attention to ourselves. We are just people, Beethoven10th. I am sorry you had to see such poor representation of gay people. Just like all Catholics are not hateful child abusers, all gay people are not as you say. I think you only notice the one's with poor behavior. If you saw my "group" of friends you would not even know we were gay unless you asked. When gay people finally feel comfortable coming out to everyone then all of us boring gay folk will finally be seen! No shock, just people living life, unnoticed as many are.
Robert is correct in saying that millions of americans, both gay and straight, have shortened their lifestyle through poor health choices. Being in a stable and loving relationship is not a poor health choice. And when the word "sin" comes up in someones comment, we know that person is really on a religious bent and there is no changing their opinion as long as they believe the Bible (or whatever holy book) is the truth for all people.
Ahhhh - finally a rational voice. Thank you Chries. Gay people do not want to MAKE anyone accept their lifestyle. If the people vote to say marriage should include gay people then it shall be. That is democracy. I respect your opinion. This country needs to stick to the democratic process and having religious arguments brought into state issues is not acceptable. I forsee a lot of right wingers moving down south in the near future. But even saying "right wing" is not ok on my part. I know alot of conservatives who are very comfortable with gay people living how they choose to live and not being afraid of them.
Sad but true that bad health choices can land anyone in diapers in old age. It all comes down to rational thinking and a gay or straight person can make that leap. Quit the alcohol, dont smoke, eat well, have a stable family or friend network, and just do not be so hateful! I am amazed how the far right keep focusing on anal sex. I bet there is much more anal sex in heterosexual women than there is in gay woman. It is incredible to me what people will believe!
Thank you for your well wishes! Well now you "know" two lesbians (myself and my partner) who had a child through AI because I had fertility issues just like some of my straight friends. I stayed at home with my son for his first 6 years and returned to work after he entered Kindergarten. My son is very close to our fathers, our brothers, my brothers in law and alot of our friends family who are male. My best friend who is straight has 2 kids under 3 in daycare and divorced the father. Maybe we ought to look at all the straight moms who "think their child is fine" :)
Two consenting adults in a gay relationship is nothing close to pedophilia (most pedophiles are straight men in a marriage to a woman) or the other things. I think the far right is just really upset that today's society is very welcoming to gay people entering into marriage and living life. Once the 60 and over set are gone, it will be a non issue, as is inter- racial marriage is now. It feels good to be on the positive side of things!
Recovered Gays? Oh my goodness! What a joke. The "truth" as some on here say is true, is only their belief. No one knows the ultimate truth and certainly no religion knows the true way. I find that people who have traveled the world and have experienced other cultures seems to have a more open mind when it comes to accepting other people as God made them. Or as nature made them if one does not believe in God. I happen to believe in God but that does not mean I know the truth. I am just a woman who is spending her life with another woman. Our son will grow up with empathy and a strong sense of what is right in this world. I think the younger generation has this one right and the world is turning into a more accepting place. (thank God)
Our son will grow up with the knowledge that he is male and a desirable part of society. You might have gotten a poor message from your parents but that can happen in any family. I grew up in a loving family and I am a lesbian while my sister is married to a man. It is not the parent who decides a child's identity. That is God who makes the child who he or she is and the parent can nurture and love and accept that child as God made him or her. Information is the key here - open minds and information will open one's world.
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