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I bought one of those talking trouts that hang on the wall, it reminded me of Chris Matthews, I never could watch Chris after that . . . gave the trout away!
I think this is great . . . What better lesson for kids to learn about what big government has in mind for them!
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Obama's Zimmerman Problem

Mona42 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 1:38 AM
I wouldn't count on help from many Hispanics for George Zimmerman. It is a difficult situation for "white" Hispanics, as they are usually are not under the Hispanic umbrella of protection. My opinion (as an American of Irish/Mexican descent) is that victim-hood is deeply entrenched in the Hispanic identity. This is why many of us half-breeds do not identify ourselves as Hispanic, even though our skin color is usually brown. If you are taught to be a victim of whites, you will not embrace someone of your own color, if they are half-white in blood. People who are taught to be victims are crippled and cannot succeed, it is a cruel thing to do to our people and it is the reason the prisons are overflowing with young Hispanics.
I read the book twice and loved it! I then ordered it on Audible and listen to it now and then, it's pretty good, even better than reading it. I'm listening to The Fountainhead, right now, after reading it before.
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