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Feminist Fantasies (the Latest)

momham33 Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 3:36 PM
The left rails loudly and often that they want the conservatives out of their bedrooms... I agree. But then don't make me pay for your birth control. Birth control is between a woman and her partner - not a woman and society. I am a female conservative. Growing up I hated that my brother got to take out the trash and mow the yard once a week and I had to do the dishes and help with dinner EVERY night. I could then and can do now MANY things that men can do. I do however recognize the need to have members of both sexes. We balance each other. Mutual respect goes a long way. I can see why employers are reluctant to spend large amounts of money training women who may want to take time off for children. It makes fiscal sense.

Certain feminists, like children discovering that certain words shock their mommies, like to talk dirty. Or at least naughty. Naomi Wolf climbs on this bandwagon once more with her eighth book, "Vagina: A New Biography." She joins aging shock jock ("jockette"?) Eve Ensler in shouting the word in a marketplace crowded with female monologues.

Wolfe, who helped Al Gore with his "earth tones" to make him more attractive to women in his presidential quest in 2000, imagines that she has grown up now and seeks to prove it by "liberating" a certain word in the female anatomy.

Contemporary feminism...