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Why don't you people in Missouri call the gun rights people in Colorado and ask them how they got rid of three Democrats? These people in your school board and the elected Democrats don't deserve to represent you. Who thinks up these stupid laws?
I hope the Duck Dynasty Robertson's move to the Glenn Beck network The Blaze. They don't apologize for being Christians. A&E network sucks DUCK OFF.
Yea, and they voted for him twice. The are getting what they deserve.
Well, what has the LGBT crowd with their little butts tightened, is the Christians have stuck it to them for their deviant lifestyles. They are mad because only their gay partners are the only ones who will listen to them. Swishy Gay Pride Parade is coming on the A&E Network. Should be a big ratings gig?
Well, I thought Piers Morgan was deported? If not he should be. You are not going to take away my Bill of Rights or My Constitution. I wonder if Piers Morgan and the rest of his ilk say Grace tonight as they sit down to supper. Probably Not. Since the Roosevelt era has so much damage been done by the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Communists to this country. We the people should start a campaign to remove them from this country. Remove their citizenship and ban them to Mexico.
If this had happened where i live, this criminal would have died on the bus. Refuse to be a victim. Just Saying.
I wonder how many people that are writing posts about Phil Robertson and his remarks are sitting down to supper and saying Grace? Mr. Robertson expressed his beliefs and how he came to receive Jesus Christ as his path to a better man and a Christian. The article leaves out some of his remarks and that is not fair reporting. Happens every time that someone makes a remark about the poor little LBGT lifestyle. They are a small group of people who have their whiners and a bunch of hypocrites who pick and choose who to defame and who to give a pass to. Shut up and go on about you stupid lives and try to be happy. Merry Christmas to the Robertson's and say a prayer for me tonight, and leave the A&E Channel.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a horrific tragedy that I hope will never occur again anywhere in this country. This tragedy was not gun violence, this tragedy was because Adam Lanza was a mentally disturbed man who was not treated for his mental health problem. His Mother whom he killed is the act of a mentally ill person who didn't know right from wrong. Adam Lanza should have been committed to a mental institution by his Mother or Father but they chose not to. I have never seen so many people trying to blame this on an inanimate object such as a semi-auto pistol or rifle. As with all the recent killings, they were carried out by people with mental health problems and the gun was their way to carry it out. They all,except Adam Lanza bought their firearms through a legal dealer and passed a background check. Its not the Gun,its the person.
There is not another one group that has caused our country to go down hill like the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Communists. Period.
You won't have anyone left to turn out the lights. The Native Americans will be the only ones left, which is OK with me. You have to go also.
Do you know what really galls me is, they come to this country illegally and they want us to take care of them. Then they carry their flag and protest about us wanting them to go back home. They don't want to go through the process of Legal Citizenship. Then the Obama Administration rewrites the immigration law and forbids the law enforcement and border patrol of sending them back. We the citizens of the United States are being made to give them what they want. BUILD THE FENCE.
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