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Israel needs to scorch the earth until hamas and only hamas screams uncle and surrenders. Screw what the UN and the rest of the world thinks, they aren't the ones getting rocketed. All land taken will not be returned and new Israeli settlements established. If it starts over again same thing. One of these days the palestinians will say NO MAS or be more.
Flood Erin's email in disqust. It's hard to shame the shameless, but she needs to know how much she is disliked. Link to her CNN email is: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/show/?s=erinburnettoutfront&hdln=2
Eric has about as much chance making me wear a bracelet for anything, as Obama has to get me to buy into Obamacare. HA!!! Screw'em.
Thats what I want to see, begging, on his knees, begging. Naw, That won't even be good enough. It wouldn't be sincere.
Who will be the sacrificial lamb in this scandal, somebody better get ready to fall a sword. One wonders what the CIA has on Feinstein now, must be something good. If it goes to the Big O you can bet it will be "nothing to see here, move along". He is the boss.
I'm offended....
Pascal Robert needs to play the staring role in a snuff film.
Pardon my french...but G.. D.. this is f'ing insane. When are the wuss Republicians going to grow a set and throw these criminals in prison where they belong. They shouldn't have allowed it to get to this point. They should be ashamed. Washington is a joke. All parties involved. Sad thing is the joke is on us.
Hey Feinstein... Lets hope the you and all the gun grabbers have all died of old age, and that this never becomes a reality.
Hey Piers (aka King George)... That "little book" you're referring to gives you the right to say what you're saying. All the rights in that "little book" are all inclusive. You don't get to pick and choose what you like and don't like. They are the law of the land. If you don't like them then politely get out of MY country.
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