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Obama’s Wasted Opportunity

mollymmo Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 10:13 AM
The U.S. has become a sorry place when the stupid outnumber the intelligent. The reelection of BO will bring untold misery to so many who have no idea what a two-faced hypocrite he is. Doubt if they even know what a hypocrite is.

For generations, presidents have used their inaugural address to unite the nation in aspiring to new heights of achievement. But earlier this week President Obama chose to deliver a harshly ideological, aggressively partisan speech more appropriate for the campaign trail than the solemn occasion of our nation's 57th inaugural address. Rather than bring all Americans together with a celebration of common ground, his address read like a liberal laundry list with global warming at the top.

Although President Obama was sworn in with his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible, he did not echo the tone of unity for which Lincoln was...