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Mark Levin: Obama is Trying to Nationalize Our Election Process

mollymmo Wrote: Mar 30, 2013 11:54 AM
For sure; I think he stole the 2012 election. How can we live with the realization that more than 1/2 the country are so stupid as to do this for another 4 years. He must sit on his toilet and devise more ways to mess with us.

President Obama signed an executive order on Thursday authorizing an election commission designed to find ways to make voting easier at the local and state level. If you recall, Obama addressed this issue during his State of the Union address saying he wants to “improve the voting experience” in this country. “When any American—no matter where they live or what their party—are denied that right because they can’t wait for five or six or seven hours just to cast their ballot, we are betraying our ideals.”

Some of the “problems” the bipartisan commission will address include long lines on...