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A Dreadful Media Campaign

mollymmo Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 10:22 AM
It has become obvious now that BO is reelected, that Americans are totally ignorant, without morals, and really just want to slob back, be given stuff and fornicate. These ignoramuses were aided by the liberal media all of whom should be fired. They are despicable. What BO has done to America should be followed by his being led off in cuffs for many acts not the least of which is allowing our Americans to die in Benghazi. Our young people are taught by inept teachers who don't encourage thinking and building new ideas on their own. I find it horrifying to imagine what America will be in another generation. At least BO will be gone by then.
Jerome49 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 12:46 PM
Whoa, Molly. You might want to be a little more discerning before you say "Americans are totally ignorant, without morals and reaaly just want to slob back and..." I still consider myself an American as do the rest of the 49% who voted for Romney. We are being castigated and slandered by the other 51% and feel depressed enough without you piling on. Maybe you should take a little more care to direct your comments to those Americans who voted for the 'winner'.
Wayne from the Hoosier state Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 12:00 PM
I believe that you are right, mollymmo. America has made a bad choice and now we all are losers.
Cookie35 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 10:40 AM
I remember my son coming home from school in first grade and talking about pollution! Really?!!! Why is this even a topic when kids are trying to learn how to read and write? Our schools are trying to raise liberals rather than teach them.
JudithBG Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 10:36 AM
You are so right! Too many Americans want everything in life to be easy. It is as if they learned nothing while growing up...never reached their capacity to really think.
Anominus Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 10:32 AM
Right on all counts, molly. It is a sad day for our country.

Throughout the very long presidential election cycle, two trends remained consistent. The media lauded Obama no matter how horrendous his record, and they savaged Obama's Republican contenders as ridiculous pretenders.

From the start of the Republican race in 2011, every candidate who took the lead took an unfair beating. They even slimed Sarah Palin in case she decided to run. Martin Bashir announced she was "vacuous, crass, and, according to almost every biographer, vindictive, too." Newsweek mocked Michele Bachmann on its cover, making her look pale, confused and nutty, with the headline "The Queen of Rage." Politico and...