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Hey! That was actually pretty funny! It's been a while. :o)
thread winner!
Lets NOT hire more teachers. We have plenty of teachers. And plenty of firefighters. Lets hire more secretaries, cashiers, sales people, warehousemen, designers, truck drivers, electricians, receptionists, tour guides, carpenters, IT technicians, cleaning ladies, accountants, mechanics, and engineers. Etc. Etc. You hire those by making it easier for private businesses, big and small, to start up, grow, and thrive. You make it easier by cutting red tape and regulations and lowering taxes. You cut red tape and regulations and lower taxes by getting democrats OUT of Congress and booting Obama from the White House.
Does this young woman with down's syndrome know that she is working for the group whose promotion of abortion has resulted in the termination of the lives of 92% of all children like her? I bet they haven't told her that.
I never did believe that he did that either. I think Michael Jackson was a lost boy--I don't think he ever had any malice or meanness in him, I just think he was forever stuck on trying to get back the childhood that he never had and never could have and longed for. He was a brilliant performer but it never filled the hole that his father and his fame left him with. I think the emptiness of stardom crushed him. With the one hand people idolized and demanded everything he could give them, and with the other they isolated and rejected him. I still feel sad for him.
Wow. How fitting for our time as well as theirs. I didn't know who that was until the last line, which is all I've ever heard or read of Patrick Henry. Thanks for posting this. I want to know more about him now.
That is a BEAUTIFUL horse! But back to the issue, the executive and legislative branches are CO-EQUAL. So if presidential candidates have to release 10 years of tax returns, so should every senate and congressional candidate as well, including Ms. Pelosi. But it'll never happen. She is crooked through and through.
I love President Bush. I was and am proud of him and thankful that we had him during those 8 years.
The preamble states that one of the reasons the constitution was written was to promote the general welfare. That doesn't mean the government is to take money from one person to give to another, rather "general welfare" meant the purpose of the constitution was to promote conditions that would let people provide a decent life FOR THEMSELVES and be able to conduct business and prosper as a country--thus, create a justice system, provide for defense, etc. From each citizen's prosperity as he or she felt was fit and from their churches then would come whatever charity was provided. The fact that we call this entitlement system we have "welfare" doesn't make it in any way equal what the founders intended by that clause in the preamble.
Obama had a huge hand in bringing on the recession. In 2009, everytime Obama made a campaign stop he would talk the economy down. Every time he made a speech or scored any poll numbers, the stock market would drop. He finally modified his rhetoric some after being scolded for his reckless negativity when things were so volatile. Business owners and investors knew he would trash the economy and were pulling back whenever it looked like he might succeed. It doesn't seem that many people remember that he went to the white house and demanded that Bush sign the legislation that let him have access to the funds he wanted for his failed stimulus. He put a nice face on it to pursuade Bush, but he intended to spend it all immediately and he did.
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