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I agree with you, Darby. But God hasn't abandoned even those who do. I do wish they'd get a clue about what they're doing and the horrible effect it is having on all of us and stop doing it.
The traditional views of conservative Christians and Republicans are NOT extreme. Trying to protecting the unborn, believing in marriage as it was ordained by God (one man, one woman) and has ALWAYS been defined in the history of Western Civilization, believing in promoting the good of the family unit as the basis of a nation, protecting individual rights (including those of the unborn), believing in and supporting the U.S. Constitution, the tenets written in the Declaration of Independence and before that, the Mayflower Compact .... those are actually not extremist views in the least. It is the Left .... leftist, progressive, that have become extreme.
Exactly, WJF. You are so right. So much of what Democrats believe in, stand for, promote, and have written into their party's platform is actually evil. It is wrong for a person of integrity to compromise with evil.
For the most part, Christians do not let their church do their thinking for them. There certainly are people who fall into that category, but they are not the majority. Christians have a personal relationship with God because of their belief in Jesus' sacrifice on their behalf. It is wonderful, blessed, enjoyable and that personal relationship with God actually promotes and enhances being able to think for oneself.
I don't believe that God has abandoned black people in general, and especially not His born-again children — even if they vote for Democrats. But the results of voting for Democrats is bringing harm to their community. It isn't God's judgment.
The clear evidence that there is a Creator is everywhere to be seen in the Universe.
Actually illogical.
Another troll.
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