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Two Cheers For Glenn Beck, With Some Reservations

moebellini Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 10:36 AM
Let me just say one thing. When Bech had hius Fox News program every day he laid out his vision of what was happening in the middle east. As countries in the middle east were fighting for democracy Beck said that these uprisings were well planned and had nothing to do with democracy. He also said that these riots would spread throughout the middle east. He also said that the muslim brotherhood would become the ruling class. Obama and his lapdogs said the opposite and said the muslim brotherhood would not be a problem because they were not well organized. Fast forward and bingo, Beck was right on every point and predicted them before they happened. Execpt for Isreal, we no longer have allies in the middle east. And Obama has already...
True Conservative! Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 12:53 PM
Yeah, the Muslim Brotherhood may not have been well organized; but they WERE willing to kill anybody opposing them! It only takes about 1% of the population [as shown in the communist takeover of Russia] that is willing to kill to get their way if the rest of the population wants to be sheep. Of course, that worked out so well in Russia ... ONLY 70 years of misery and economic catastrophe!

Glenn Beck’s analyses of the history of authoritarian movements has many people concerned, and justifiably so. Most recently Beck has been laying out the ways in which the progressive movement in the U.S. has been following a three phase strategy to undermine the free-market constitutional order traditional to America.

He has also uncovered ways in which progressivist propaganda on behalf of President Obama taps surreptitiously into language of earlier extremist thought, most notably Stuart Chase’s book,” The Road We Are Traveling,” and his invocation of Political System X. Chase was a Fabian socialist who was influential in the left wing...