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The Left's Continuing War on Women

modernmover Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 10:39 PM
It's really not in the cops best interest to prevent a crime. They are there to help prosecute the crime, so they have to stand by and let it happen so they will have a case. If they were to prevent the crime, no real crime took place and the case becomes suggestive. You have to be raped before they can arrest the rapist. Otherwise, he was just hitting on you.

The New York Times caused a sensation with its kazillion-word, March 17 article by Michael Luo on the failures of state courts to get guns out of the hands of men in domestic violence situations.

The main purpose of the article was to tweak America's oldest civil rights organization, the National Rifle Association, for opposing some of the more rash anti-gun proposals being considered by state legislatures, such as allowing courts to take away a person's firearms on the basis of a temporary restraining order.

It's a new position for liberals to oppose the rights of the accused....