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however, I cut some slack to the officer who's job it is to maintain a civil atmosphere whom was already assaulted by Brown and feared for his life. And the conventional wisdom is that if Brown assaulted a police officer, what respect would he have for any citizen?
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Obama fails History 101

modernmover Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 11:26 AM
well, we certainly know what the Democrats will do. More of the same. So anything different is bound to be change for the better. Also a GOP majority can change the "rules of engagement", even over a presidential veto.
except these girls don't understand that these pictures will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Once on the net, forever available to the world.
That is apparently the goal. A woman is the only one who is legally allowed to take a life for convince. They call it their "right" to choose.
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Another Bad War in Iraq

modernmover Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 9:10 AM
yep, we'll just wait and watch. Until we see a little mushroom cloud at one of our ports from a "dirty bomb" that came here in a shipping container. Or a dozen simultaneous shootings in the name of Allah, or a few suicide bombers at the mall. Then, we'll know their serious. I'd rather keep them busy over there.
good thing nobody really cares what you say
And where would the Martin question be? If a bigger adversary is sitting on top of you, beating your head on the concrete, you have the right to shoot the poop out of them. What would you have done?
well, you could if you lower the standards enough. And if you don't need a valid ID
And all those "outside agitators" should do some time for inciting a riot, looting, vandalism and what ever else you can think of. Also the reporter who gave the officers name, address, map and picture of his house should do some time for reckless endangerment. The officer should have a civil suit against the employer of this reporter.
yeah, that would certainly be racist
No matter who wins? How can any thinking individual say something that stupid? If Democrats win, you will get much more of the same, and I would look for the economy to slide back into recession. If the Republicans win big, you can look to see the economy explode with activity, anticipating that all wrongs will be righted in 2016
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