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They lied to get it passed, but now want us to trust them to fix it. Like stupid, you can't fix Obamacare
Government employees add nothing to prosperity. Government produces nothing. To pay a government employee, first the government has to take it from someone in the private sector. I pray to see massive unemployment in the near future. In the public sector. Government employees have no clue that we have even been in a recession for the last 5 years. They haven't missed a paycheck, and even got raises and bonuses.
And I might mention, "contributed" to it by the force of law. At the point of a gun. Pay it or the government will come take it from you. Not exactly what I call a "contribution".
First off, we don't insist on being "controlled" by government. There are things we put the government in charge of, like defending the borders and building infrastructure. Taxing the rich has always been a winner for the Democrats who rely on class warfare to get votes.
In the Democrat world, "babysitters and housekeepers" are people that they employ that are here illegally, so they cant really talk about that.
looks appropriate to me. Accurate, even.
There is your solution. No a bit of government interference (aid).
And blacks seem to be ignorant of their own history. The Democrat Party started the KKK to intimidate blacks and Republicans. They rely on what the Democrat Party tells them. They need to start researching history on their own. If they did so, not one black person would ever support the Democrat Party.
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3 Myths About Thomas Jefferson

modernmover Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 1:33 AM
The "Old Dead White Men" also freed the slaves, kicked half of Europe's butt to save the other half and basically made this nation great.
Must remember that the Democrat Party created the KKK as the enforcement arm against Blacks and Republicans. Google it.
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