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Well NUMBNUTS, I heared that you were an idiot.
really. If I said that around my house, they would pass me a slap real quick
The only way out
You can do that when you have no morals or standards.
I believe that is Neal's hope. Look through the hype.
You're both off base. An IUD is a foreign object placed in the uterus that will cause a fertilized egg not to implant. It doesn't kill anything. And IUD's are not on the list HL objects to.
Same information was given to Congress who voted for the invasion of Iraq. If this is all you got, s.t.f.u.
True, and as long as they are using someone else'e name, they will "vote early and vote often"
And do increasing well among the stupid groups.
This lawsuit is appropriate as protocol for such abuses. Then the people can say, "we looked to the courts for remedy to this problem, but the courts refused to act". That is why we exercised our 2nd amendment rights. We tried the peaceful way first, hoping that would work. Now we are left with no choice.
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