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Another Push for Global Taxation from the United Nations

modernmover Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 9:22 AM
Here's one they haven't thought of. A GRAVITY TAX. Those using too much gravity (obese) will pay a higher tax than those that use less gravity. Just like labeling C02 a pollutant, this will make every person a violator, so anyone can be prosecuted at any time. The government gets to pick and choose whom to prosecute. If global warming is such a threat to the world, just think what would happen if we were to use up all the gravity. All skinny people would float off into space

I spoke at the United Nations back in May, explaining that more government was the wrong way to help the global economy.

But I guess I’m not very persuasive. The bureaucrats have just released a new report entitled, “In Search of New Development Finance.”

As you can probably guess, what they’re really searching for is more money for global redistribution.

But here’s the most worrisome part of their proposal. They want the U.N. to be in charge of collecting the taxes, sort of a permanent international bureaucracy entitlement.


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