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Good point.
Never said it would, not all murderers have been institutionalized but some have. The problem is we have no data on the mental health records of murderers. In a way both you and I are chasing at straws. Im inclined to think that a significant number of murders have been commited by the commited. I could be wrong. Nonetheless you have a good point that we should question whether new laws will change any behavioral patterns. After all criminals are probably not obtaining guns through gun shows and commited loons give us little data and no big tragedies that could be prevented by gun laws.
Thank you, I'm a pit bulll when it comes to this stuff.
But we're here to stop them. The American oeople don't want strict gun control and only a few lib states have been succesful. Read Buchanan's piece it's great and very balanced.
The problem with that argument is that we don't want to impinge on the rights of the mentally ill. They're people too. Do you want someone who is suicidal at one point to be locked up for life? The probkem eith mental ilness is that people who are benign at one point may become delusional and violent the next. The simplest way to solve this problem is to require that background checks prevent the mentally ill from receiving firearms of any stripe.
So your saying that a little nerd freak is just going to waltz into the ghetto and pick up a gun? Come on brother.
Well according to you i'm probable a simple proggresive. That's how you people think. Disagree with you on one point and then the name-calling ensues. My argument is very simple...we should prevent the sale of firearms to certified lunatics through universal background checks.
One of the problems isb hat a guy like Jared Lee is loopy one minute and absolutely murderous the next. You can't predict stuff with mental ilness and you don't want to impinge on the rights of the benign but loopy.
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