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Good socialists/Demokrats realize that peasants (and blacks) should know their place.
Correction: So will tar and feathers
Do will tar and feathers.
America, this is your future under Obama and the Demokrats.
That's the difference; Bill Richardson SHOULD be define as a liar, crook, cheat and fraud.
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No Shame, No Class

moderateGuy Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 6:58 PM
The creep uses terrorist bombings, memorial services for the dead and families of dead children to advance his despicable agenda; why would this be any different?
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"An Act of Terrorism"

moderateGuy Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 3:54 PM
"...Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel having identified the bombings as "a cruel act of terror."" As opposed to what? Benign acts of terror?
Bam-bam was still hoping that "right wing anti tax" thing would pan out.
"UPDATE IX - The NY Post -- again, with an exclusive -- is reporting that the alleged suspect is a Saudi national." Ah-ha, the "right wing extremists" are now hiring Saudi nationals.
"teacher"..."thought"? Oh, I get it! It's sarcasm.
Me, me, me; I know why the Nazis, and liberals in America, think "Jews are evil". They started that Christianity thing, Jesus was a Jew or sumthin', and they are all capitalists, bankers and pawnbrokers and such...
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